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Artist: Delta f/ Murs
Album:  The Lostralian
Song:   Rhymes Like This
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[Murs (With Delta)]
What up.. What is up though
I'm in need of some hot noodeles.. but anyway, check it out
It's Murs ummm 
(Making-Underground-Raw-Shit).. and.. and
(Defining eminating lyrics throughout Adelaide)
is what we're doing today
It's Murs and Delta motherfucker, yeah and you know what
Mid-City, Adelaide and guess what.. shut up

Nah you don't have to shut up man
Maybe you just throw your hands up in the air
Like one, two
Hey Murs this girl told me you like to talk in your sleep...

[Verse 1: Murs]
I write rhymes like this in my sleep
So peep my nocturnal emission, a hot journal description
And drop, earn your division
That's not, earned his position
I got, surgeons precision
So stop learning the rhythm
I can't whistle like Banks but do my fizzle to breaks
until I'm rid of your hate
No fluff when I bust, it's like a brick to the face
Here to hit you so hard that you forget that I'm great
So ya, play it again and say to your friends
that on a scale of 1 to 5, I was rated a 10
And that's two times better, but who rhymes better
I know it's the same line but really - who rhymes better
Fill your name in the blank and feel the pain in my shank
Push your game to the plank, and it's a shame that you sank
But you know who to thank
It's your fat-mouth fans you can blame for your fate

[Scratches/Turntablism: Kim Dezen]
"Class is in session"
"Master this lesson"
"Class is in session"
"Master this lesson"

[Verse 2: Delta]
I write rhymes like this cos the battle is done
on some U2 rock-style rattling hum
Sunday, bloody Sunday, Sabbath's come
Back in Black was a dope beat for KRS-One
Make a grown man flinch like he hammered his thumb
Spit fire through wire 'til I callous my gum
Angers fun, mad numb
Not emo, use pens like Joe Pesci did in Casino
We know the truth, even flows loose as this with no market
still see no loop
Ego suits retard emcees
They're all biters, sound like Kanye East
You ghostwriters, just a man and a sheep
Giving out One Nation pamphlets at KFC
But racist catch hate here for free
Forget VIP, I rhyme in a streak - peace 

[Scratches/Turntablism: Kim Dezen]
"Class is in session"
"Master this lesson"
"Class is in session"
"Master this lesson"