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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  T.W. Chokehold Singz the Booze
Song:   Tryna Love You Pt. 3
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


Work, my arch nemesis it curses me viciously
it's a mystery to me why work incessantly disses delicious
T.  Malicious soul sucker oh brother dough lover
Assholes hover colleagues compete and we all suffer
You driven, I isn't, I can't glimmer what the issue is
I guess it's just we're different or delicious is a simpleton
Tom six pack, to him all jobs is whack
Only reason he need them's the beer, to knock it back
Got me surly cursing from making me wake up early
Making me do what you say conversing with you ain't two way
I'm not lazy, it's crazy hating waking up at seven
So the head men can tell me how to bread win til my head spin??
Show me all those who bemoans when the earth ends
Moaning if I only I had more time at work spent
I'll kill em quick as shit, Humanitarian T
End their misery as quickly as it's possible physically
How come turning 22 means you need to do something new
All the shit I used to like: like hip hop, chicks, and riding bikes
Is still kinda cool to me, it's got me kinda blue
Word to miles, it's trying, I conclude the grind is cruel
But lo and behold, broke the mold, an escape plan!
Teaching seeds! I'm free of the unspeakable feeling
Of pointless employment but now the other wheel's seems flat
It seems that my fee's a tad lean on the greenbacks
I'm adjacent to facing a situation where basically
They's a space inside my bank account's in danger of vacancy
The gravest state to face to make it plain I'll restate it
Take it in spades you may evade my mistakes
I'm basically facing a situation adjacent
to a vacant bank account, from dangerous payment arrangements
I will never love a 9 to 5, cuz as much as I'm lucky
To find a job I like, through payment work is still tryna fuck me