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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  T.W. Chokehold Singz the Booze
Song:   Tryna Love You Pt. 2
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


In the beginning we was all kisses and grinning, envision
Licious swigging killing it the instant he get it, he sipping
Wine and Lishuss was like popeye and spinach.
Crack it open, dispose of it til toe up is the pose I'm in
Drama followed swallows going all out til bottles was hollowed
Always got home blottoed Tom (I kinda) adopted this motto:
if driving buzzed is driving drunk and i've had five well while i'm up
i'll drop six to make it six, that's five plus tip i never skimp
I'd made it half a dozen with more coming til my cussin'
blurred into a mumbled buzzin yo my cousin I got guzzling
if you can bust ya truck up just as rough from buzzed as drunken
fuck it just get fucked up til you upchuck wish for luck and
start the car up above far up hope that for ya someone's pullin'
but oh since like oh six those drinks sticking to ribs
i got relaxed fit jeans seeming skinny as shit
fifths bring fo(u)rth demons, keep my third eye-rate
My mindstate starts to pry my brain apart and then dart
nine highballs and eyeballs is lolling independently
Can't cooperate to operate in sync effectively
No Timberlake, flying planes or making the sky fall
Can't tell which one I'm doin g but I'm giving it my all
But now the god has gotta find a way moderate intake
And stop it so cirrhotic state ain't the fate I'm made to take
Use some weights to lose the weight accrued from all the brews I drank
And lubricate the brain with juice and thangs that ain't brewed from grains
cuz grey goose, and the henessee, as dear of friends they been to me
the chemical dependency tends to be depressing me