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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  T.W. Chokehold Singz the Booze
Song:   Tryna Love You Pt. 1
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


C'mon baby doll we fighting in the night in
Stead of really liking spending time enticing, licking, fucking, smiling
Flying off the handle we can't hammer out a plan to
Set it right between us long enough to sweeten up this mean lust
Ass kicking, and mad spitting, no ass licking?
Slit stabbing, dick grabbin, just grabbing shivs for Lish stabbing
I'm sick of living with this addiction to bitching and hitting
This bliss has dimmed to dismal now it's grimmer than living in prison
Can't we sit, talk it out, act adult, work it out?
Uncertain doubt is lurking, clouding perfect fit, now I'm out
How the fuck you call it acting normal this scratching and brawling
This acting mean and smacking me go all in you acting appalling 
Man, I had to smack  the girl, the slag attacked emphatically
that last laceration that she handed me's the last for me
I snapped that's when t adapts relaxed to act a mad emcee
she had to see that point at which point harassing t is blasphemy
All out scrapping acting like an animal's the last straw
Cuz I cat called some broads at bars you all claws
It's not as if you caught me drawl-less balling broads raw dog
Don't hate because I hang with ladies, playas hate a ball hog 
the littlest shit you'll flip hysterical bitch
shift from hissing and pissed to get in it with fists  
I just want to love you but you're making it impossible
Cut up ain't worth getting cut up cut my losses I'ma go