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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  T.W. Chokehold Singz the Booze
Song:   Rubber Off
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


My knees went WEAK when I saw her on the corner
Other side of the STREET, now Delicious T's a goner
Everything about her made me crazy made me wanna make a baby
Like the Lish is lost in life and lady only you can save me
Every little bit of your being bleeds beauty, from brown eyes to booty
the truest form, pursuing you's my duty
you the 2010 version of tootie
this cutie moved me like the way you see in stupid movies
you feel the magic, right? That's the facts of life
I'm on target she's my goal and that's attract a wife
The way she blew her bangs out her line a sight was dynamite
The manner of standing there with hips cocked got Lish rocked
Just fizzling with essence of sexual effervescence
Deliciouss can't prevent his senses being rendered defenseless
She got this air about her both relaxed and rushed
Laidback but tough to get your math's a must
in an instant your image emitted a million memories
That hadn't happened yet but they could if you just spend with me
The rest of your time ticking, right by where I kick it
I know we never met but check my eyes and how I'm flipping
I'm tripping cuz I'm sick with the love, come on, get in
My car and out my dreams, so this rhyme that I'm spitting
Don't end with Lish cussin claiming women dime a dozen, naw
For real, you the truth, for you I'd take the rubber off 
I used to Dodge them kids like, brother fuck a caravan
limit it to two's: me and you, ya boobs, my pair of hands
always been the case the Lish more lover than a fighter
and it's been my mission letting women how much I like em
Prefer girls impervious to birth, eat pills like tic tacs
The miracle of life is the Lish's right to kick back
Sit back, dumbin, fuck kicks in the, stomach
Won't be done in by pummeling cum in, nothing come, from it
In case my semen seem to swim like Michael Phelps or some shit
Salmon swimming upstream fast as bullets from a gun clip 
I fully pull out, spin around, bust like a tuba toots
And then step on the spooge just in case they got scuba suits
Or the opposite of em gotta stop em from pluggin
Their mugs in fucking eggs like it's a socket or something
and it's not like I don't like little tykes, they're precious
but only when they're yours, my life and kids ain't meshin'
Too busy rippin mics apart my rhymes hit targets like a dart
I fly too fucking fast for seeds don't need to put my life in park
But then I saw you, girl, caught mad feelings like I'm something soft
And knew that I'd stay dumping off, for you, I'd take the rubber off
Bivens taught me never trust a big butt and a smile
Lishus get it but he's stressed he ain't nut in awhile
So fuck it, I pick my poison the one that lets ya boy sin
The hun who open legs wide, likes to let my boys in
And now I want it kinda wanna kinda gotta bust off
So come on baby doll please don't give a thug the brush off
Meat is hard I see this broad whose ass fills the whole seat
She winks at me I wonder if the Lish can handle both cheeks
And large breasts, I give it my all regardless
The old college try, 110 and drawless
Haunches is gorgeous, she got a built-in booster seat
Makes me wanna lose the meat behind the place I'd choose to eat
To the beat, girl, let the Lish harpoon the seat
Take it back a couple years ya boy's about to skeet skeet skeet skeet
But not in the butt, and please don't drink these kids
No buts about it, girl, you gon' conceive T's kids
Drain like a gutter off the chain break the bubble off
Rain run off splutter freight train make her buck and cough
trucking bumping thumping rolling thunder ain't no shudder soft
bucking up in stomachs mutter fuck it take the rubber off