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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  T.W. Chokehold Singz the Booze
Song:   The One
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


The tie that used to bind us is broken, it's worn and ragged
relations on the outs they went from doubts to tragic
backing out you scrap it said it's bad enough and that's it
the magic thought we had it until the day you said you'd had it
a part of me is flipping lose my grip until I'm ragin
but i'm broken feeling lazy so i think i may just blaze it
til i'm faded.  but they say life is what you make it
but I think that they say it for the sake of making statements
it's too late now I drank brews they taste too great to not drain em
and aid the brain to stay maintaining start the heartache fading
my friends don't leave me hanging yo they LIFT  me off the pavement
dust me off insert a beer in my hand for the anguish
so I can desecrate my brain, for pain I've lost my patience
how does one rebuild when they lost their foundation?
been fucked up, smoked up, since the night i broke up
i wanna break this cycle but right now i wanna toke up 
My father warned me long ago degrees of love are infinite
Might never reach the truest form though feelings felt are intricate
Climbing higher constantly not stopping til it's Babylon
But often we get Babel, tragic battles when the flare is gone
Tried to bend love to my will until I flew beside the sun
And lost my wings and hit the ground but impact simply made me numb
Wings of wax will melt away, the tallest towers crumble but
The struggle only humbles the dullest among us, double up
Cynics give in quick and quit dismiss it as ridiculous
Giving in's  their business the Lish is living limitless
Nine months later, and I thought the pain had faded out
Breakup made it hard to face the daily but I made it out
But cleaning out my camera's memory it brought up memories
The girl who used to make me truly happy's now an enemy
a nemesis not really but the girl she ain't no friend to me
But maybe that's the way it goes, [*breath] how these things tend to me
In a year we went from closest friends to closing one another out
The maybe baby's mother of my children chose on another route
Not pregnant or nothing, there was no bun in the oven
But i don't mean to be bluffin, the potential was something
Really real.  But now the deal's off, shut down, sealed off
Been nearly a year I'm not depressed, I just feel off
Cuz the pictures discovered illustrated beginnings
And the thrills that ya feeling til they begin to diminish
And you're single again feeling the sting of the finish
and realization that elation's unsustainable's in it
the pain no longer hurts when breathing eating you up
but the thought persisting in ya is it better giving up
going solo don't hold no one to emotional blowups
drag you down destroy the soul leave you hopelessly broke up
but to go it alone or own a home with your better half
when it all might burn and crash I can't tell what's the better path 
it's clear to me that she was T's emotional crutch
had me sitting stagnant instead steady going for much
much more out of life than just coasting and such
she wasn't the one, but just comfy enough
and I dearly feared the fact that likely loneliness sucks
kept me from progressing and owning up to the rough
fact that life is actually supposed to be tough
take control of my life, cuz I was losing my touch
I had to find my pulse again, let the blood start to rush
find a meaning for living again and own it from jump
cuz the only way to grow is to be willing to bust
fall flat and start it over, load back up and keep it going
time to fight the fight and own it set the goal, tone and the motive
I'm not trying to say that the girl was a mistake
I mistook a good relationship to be this great
And the God's honest truth is often times we was miserable
decision to split was legit even if it's difficult
The greatest love I've known to date but still not the one
I still got some searching yet to do before I'm done
The hell's past while the heavens isn't quite ahead again
And shine upon your boy til he takes true love to bed again
Come and go then dead again, repeat the cycle endlessly
Will the next girl I meet be the one or just a friend to me?