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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  T.W. Chokehold Singz the Booze
Song:   Mylishtro2letukno
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


This album's bout booze, babes and bringing home the bacon
Breaking your back for table scraps every day when
The daily grind spits in your face tells you to chase them
All poison posed as medicine so you go and take them
Chasing dames with jameson while daily pounding pavement
Til the day you see what makes life worth waking up's forsaken
And hi, I'm the Lish, a hip hop fan with garageband
A cliché worse than having a blog for odd rants
Thanks in advance for listening instead of dissing it
Lending me your ears like you did Tip instead of just dismissing it
Apologies to real emcees who want to put a stop to this
But I can't put a sock in this when what you spits monotonous
I've heard that one bout hot ass bitches cocking glocks and popping cris
The one that got you claiming you the realest guy in hip hop it's
A problem and it's obvious that the Lish is just a hobbyist
Who's writing rhymes and chopping hits and helping make steve jobs get rich
A tiny bit. I'm not some righteous rhymer on the conscious tip
I like to get my drink on til the break a dawn freak on some chicks
If you drop a hits about this shit try NOT to be this obvious
And I admit I'm an indie rap elitest little whiny bitch
You be the guy who claims he's real but says drake is ill and I'll be this
A nerdy fucking fan of rap who'll drop a brick with confidence
If you wonder if this hot shit's better than detox it is
Cuz the Doctor's secret project probably does slash will NOT exist
But what's stored in my desktop folder labeled as T's docs is hits
Shit, that's on the listener not Lishuss but I'm confident
It's not my fault it's easy now we've gone beyond the floppy disk
You might think it's sloppy shit I hope you cop it, copy it
You got a disc?  Burn and then rock it if you got a whip
I think I'm onto something if it's lightning try to bottle it
And heads who's hating claiming I'm not real rap, look its
Not like I think I'm Nas I just bought a MacBook, bitch
T's don't wanna be the next microphone fiend that's obscene
The dream's to be the scene's gene and dean ween
Delicious T, pleased to meet, I made some obscene songs, please peep:
And let T know if you think it's real heat or just sheeeeit