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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  T.W. Chokehold Singz the Booze
Song:   Last Will & Testament
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


This shit is legitimate it be witnessed officially
With my signature finishing if shit's missing it's meant to be
This the last will and testament of one Rhymin' Skilliam Chokehold
Bomber who spit it so loco prominent sickest with vocals
If you hearing this, massive heart attack finally happened
Last act before collapsing orgasm that tore a magnum
Haters saying I'm insane I operate illogically
Kindly just lock up the gobs or slob the knob posthumously
to the dude who do the eulogy please do shout out the boos
ooing and boohooing in the pews who used to be
wooing me, and do not forget the dudes who knew me
or who knew I was the truth the dude who stayed true to G's
when doing his music eschewed the bafoonery
and flew to his true groove he improved til it's cool to be
moving to tunes of a true emcee who knew dude would prove to be
a movement of smooth beautiful lunacy 
for all those hounding for what's going down in
this next part sounding, ain't much going 'round and
wouldn't exactly hold your breath the best of my shiz
is reserved for the kids and the wiz
Most of the Lish's riches was invested in gold fronts                        
More gold near my temple than a temple hold robed monks
3.2 M in clip-on gems and metal in wealth
a level of elegance bet the set'll be tempting the devil
liquid assets limited in digits I'm guessing
somewhere between 4 and 500 in checking
grills and triple digit scrilla will all pass to my female
And my unborn son, Bob, to ensure that they eat well
The Maybach pass to no one, cuz I don't own one
Confidants of Tom won't even cop a Passat
The lish preferred the whips with the pedals and lock
To D-Rock ride swift may tubes never pop
To Ross now finally be rocking some hot shit
That rusted pile you got ain't an option
My unused tunes pass it to a student of music
J david nugent tune grooves to improvement
To William D, I leave a million simian dreams
The deed to pole positions true indeed will be brimming with cream
The only thing I'm taking with me after my last bow
Is my M-I-C to put heaven on blast blaow! 
What to do with Lish's bod I admit is a little bit odd
But I'll do me living or when heading to death and beyond
Damn, my ass is nervous, girl, you called the taxidermist, girl
My ass go back to the earth as ashes blast the furnace, girl
No, don't mount a plaque or pose me bout to attack
In a position ice grillin mic clenched tighter than vice grips
I know you gon miss me, face and body's exquisite
But don't do me like a Chinee at the Bodies Exhibit
Try to get the gennies cryogenically froze, ma
Just in case they find a way to mount them on a robot
So Lish go on living giving women the dopest of children
Future burns brighter when when ya strive to spread more Sokolism
No joking yo I'm going out the same way I showed up
With a fucking bang and explosion, blowing up, sho nuff
I direct that my ashes be gathered and blasted from a cannon
And the man who can handle that is matt so just ask him
To manage to get hands on the cannon
if not then plan B's a potato gun as long as it's massive
So blast it, fuck dirt and a casket.
I'mma stay fly as phat jets down to the last stretch