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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  T.W. Chokehold Singz the Booze
Song:   Ghostface Killah Caters Dinnah
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


I thought
Baked ziti slang for cooked crack cocaine
Saying he baking lines making rocks to slang
Dope game language saying the same shit
One's cooked in the oven and the other on the range, in
The oven ziti bubbled in a pyrex dish
he served it up with nutmeg-dusted fried fish
once they scaled cleaned and gutted of all the drugs that was stuffed in
I'm shoveling a ton of em get in my guts swim!
chat flowed we housed mounds of fra diavlo
and 8 ravioli bags, ate mad italiano
Yeah I have my nutrients grabbing banana nutriments
adding some rum improving it a tad I'm in the mood for this
Sink my teeth in sweets well yes I think
I'll have strawberry kiwi pie and ice cream
butter pecan left a brotha in dreamland
more than a meal damn, that was a real man's 
Feast, after dinner we kick back
give me a six pack, relax, and sit back
pass the schlitz, crack whiff it and swig dat
in a minute flat with Lish it don't git flat
Add this to the six cans of Pabst that Lish had with
Dinner so exquisite Lish beginning to miss it
And I just finished reminiscing sipping a Guinness
Slip off the rim of it give into it half swim in it half drown
Backstroke through black stout down it I'm assed out
Mad coke get passed out, I pass, I have doubts
Pills pass mouths' lips or powder up snouts sniffed
A bad route the Lish stick to booze his glass out
Single malt is poured out when the porters is all out
When that kicks I'm sore about it I'm bored I want more now
Though I know no doubt, I'm torn up and worn out
Tomorrow's lurks, first day a work it  bores down
And all I can talk about is topics in all vowels
Aa ee oo Ioo iii shiii yee ii soo foul
Time to git up, git out the Lishus should check out
But then the homie hosting dinner's whipping the cess out
Pull the bag out from right behind his back like magic
Or like bugs with the carrot damn I'm bugging and staring
The nugs' aroma's apparent in the air from the bag when
It hasn't been picked ripped packed lit and then dragged in
No dime of rag shit, this was finest schwag split
a dutch, kid, mix, roll and rip this fat spliff
Fine, I admit I have to hit that stash quick
Submission, bad decision Lish is instantly lifted
I'm giving into the feeling this the last shit I needed
I speed to venus on a mission without leaving the kitchen
Lift off, swish, Spaceman Spiff hit the ignition
Launch into space at the speed of infinity
The Lish with spliffs and liquor is a venomous enemy
Passed out standing on both feet, Lish blacked out
Crashed out flat on my back like Smackdown
The crack sounds loud as my head it smacks ground
Sprawled out the fall put my head between a wall the fridge
I missed them both so the hospital ain't part of this shit
I'm smarter than this yet still I'm all in the mix
Appalling in the morning I'll be talking to kids
All eyes on the chalk board try solving the trig
recall what I taught y'all it's all on the quiz