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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  T.W. Chokehold Singz the Booze
Song:   Fight Fight
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


Walk up in the club delicious feeling like a million
Clams and his plan is to spend all until til he gone
Oblivion, dizzy on some liquor like some pill he on
Spilling on the patrons they be all like what he really on?
Just the vodka on the rocks and possibilities
My brotha, having girlies wanna holler is a thrill to me
Ill to be living and loving life when all of a sudden
Goon squad piles in poppin off all out and thuggin
Meanwhile your boy T's scheming on a cutie
I knew it was my duty due to her booty's beauty
But it won't do with the dudes, they wanna do me
In like I'm in between they're in with this beauty
As if delicious didn't exist they'd win her with dinner and movies
But I'm clearly here so they gonna go through me
Won't just try to woo her they prefer to black and blue me
Ice grill delicious like they truly wanna shoot me  
I'm pacifist the dude abides I slide to the next room
There's mad chicks here too that think I'd make the best groom
Say yes, boo, then we'll vroom head to my bedroom
Then her head swoons bet I'm bout to get womb
When hell, one of them fools heading my way
to give me head wounds.  Guess it's not my day
avoiding his is over guess to talk it out's the only thing
there's left to try but that's not an option when the homie swings!
Damn! Attacking Lish cuz I'm cotdamn handsome
And the ladies wanna hold me like I'd cop a fat ransom
Jealous thugs envious I guess we're bout to duke it out,
I tried to tune em out it didn't work, so I'mma prove my clout
He follow when I move around I'll have to go the ruthless route
He won't let a dude be out, fine, I'm make him toothless now
I always try to smoothe shit out scrapping is the losers' route
But this losers out to bruise it out fine man, let's do the bout 
Bout to air it out this dude here thinking that he Rick Flair
Just cuz Lish is here up in the club makes all the chicks stare
Let's get the tussle done cuz fucking up my buzz brah
Meanwhile it seems you maybe drank a baker's doz, brah
Blam, a classic accident just got Lishus flat on his back
Got damn I forgot that assholes travel, attack in a pack
Dammit man I left my mack it's stashed in the back of the Ac
Now I'll have my ass flattened instead of blasting a cap
I get spinned round hit the ground then I'm pinned down
By two clowns, the third frown's sitting on my shins now
Sits down on me, shit, Lish is in a pinch now,
Dude starts swinging brings it sinking in them fists blaow
Now it's curtains for a certain Tom Sokol
From my focal point I'm bound to get pounded by bombed yokels
But just when all hope is lost my boy Matt joins my cause
Born for large brawls like this bout have em all in gauze
matt seething, mothersfuckers, is pleasing to meet him?
Matt G hands em beatings like he's teaching the meaning of bleeding
Big homie pulls me to my feet hands me a drink
Step around limp bodies yo that girl just gave me a wink
I catch a glimpse in a mirror it's a minor miracle
T's still looking fine, it's a sign I'm hear to meet the girls
If ya shocked this happened, thinking Lish don't scrap, son
Shit, homay, it ain't easy being handsome