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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  T.W. Chokehold Singz the Booze
Song:   Cash N Bitchez (Capital T & Slim Dick Sizzlin')
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


When Capital spit how he smash it bits
Talking ass and he tits yo then the track is legit
Assets is thick like the asses on chicks
Mad cash in a clip amount I'm packing is sick
But that capital's cash, she ain't asking for shit
If she grab at the stash she catch a smack from my fist
But if she wants it from the back sound like cracking a switch
I'll fill the crack with my dick, have her having her wish
Have her black out from this, banana ravaging slits
After having the chick straight up ravish my dick
Have her gagging and shit, until it's slathered in thick
Rabid animal spit, savage Hannibal shit
I got a rash on my dick, but it don't matter for shit
I'm still planning to squish, I'm the mack in this bitch.
What matters is this, ya man Capital's rich,
amidst big bags of bills I'm bagging bitches in heels, shit 
(Slim Dick Sizzlin') 
Envision the Sizzle bespectacled resting in bed with plentiful sheckles
Benjamin level, while next to me redheads get bedhead from wrestling, messing
Da Sizzle be resting
collecting my breath for a second from catching some head
and I'm guessing I'm dead and I'm getting to heaven
betting I'm blessed cuz the devil ain't present
but dead it irrelevant let me commence with the efforts
connecting the freckles that sit on the back of their necks to direct Slim Dick
to the small of their backs a baller enact an all out attack canal is shellacked
read as indelible treasure maps telling me how to bend her back
send me direct to the entrance where senses are rendered defenseless
against these incredible pleasures, save the guesswork
place your bets here, brace yourselves, dears
we bought to make a mess here, all other men is measuring lesser
only cumming coming from me honey and there ain't no coming back
from the inevitable pressure crack listen to Sizzlin' imminent Splat
That how Sizzle be skinning a cat, all 9 lives I kill em with that
Bitch, as simple as that, can't revive her, ain't no bringing her back
Wield this bad boy like swinging a bat or slinging an axe
Think of the facts slim dick sizzle killing the thickest of ass
Soak the mess up with 100 dollar bills, y'all