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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  Melancholy in G'yeah! Minor *
Song:   Womans
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


the following is a oral history is all about he losses LISH received
as he toiled for more than a kiss from these gorgeous enthralling chicks he meets
their charms flooring the LISH with ease, all scarred up from falls and spills he's gleaned
not calling em broads or chicks can be a promising start but LISH still be
lost in the dark cuz figuring out what causes that spark's no walk in the park
remains more than a mystery, I'm caught in the ignorance blissfully
women I don't get em, but shit I'm still messing with
my records at one and a million, but I'm grinning
cuz I consider that winning big yeah no matter how thin it is...

women I don't get em how you supposed to be focused polite
composed and shit when all their bullshit slow up ya roll when like
you go to ball and on the court these hoes jumping rope go on croaking
bout ponies clothes no dope shit, it's hopelessness
and go on and git, I told you going steady's supposed to be
a secret and you blowing kisses where all my homies can see??
Damn!, don't stand so close to me
all this doting's choking me, I'll tell my bros you gross to me
women I don't get em but I will, brother, I will
wining and dining dimes in high heels with fine meals
eventually y'all, my baller status evolving like babies
crawling my course of action's mack at the mall to the ladies
best laid plans will make her kiss in the French manner
they won't get me laid but I'mma handle a breast damn it
Court them from afar with drakkar noir, caught the
corners of eyes in cross colours n karl
yeah the jordan's is mars the boston starter jacket all black
fuck apex no star? ya whack, fall back
women I don't get em I got some but I can't get it in
a gentlemen ain't set to win never, the rebels get the trim
I'm bout to lose my mind if my head don't explode in a minute
when she gonna wave me home, let boners up in it to hit it
heavily petting me then she's left me to speculate
when these many dates will elevate from stomach aches to heaven's gates
Telekinetic she get my penis head to levitate
playing with her breasts is great, but spread them legs and set me straight.
women I don't get em but one and that's a problem I'm
monogamous in Gotham and jobless right outta college
got the time to gawk at godless hot chicks walking round practically topless
Spotting the hottest ones got me mad as the Catholics' god is
women I don't get em, but got one and she's the baddest holmes
she hold me down to like front to back then back to front like palindromes
house and home is modest but with mami it's a palace throne
drafting master plans for victory and build a happy home
women I don't get em, but got one, and she's brand new to me
she's cute to me but dude the way she do things confusing to me
be cooing two minutes then it's boohooing buffoonery am I
suited to groom her, school her, deduce her moods? Well, soon we'll see
women I don't get em but dig em instill bewilderment
in LISHUSS since infancy get him tripping and flipping his wig
met sinister women who'd give impression that killing me
was the mission for frills and thrills just inflicting some misery
in addition to bitches been to the pinnacle giving me chills
incredible woman I've met and everything in between
used to pick em just physically one provision was for skin to be
at a minimum cinnamon to the tint of obsidian
LISHUSS get it now limiting it to simply the image is just a bit
too simplistic but shit the gist of this is LISHUSS is
a bit in the dimly lit limits within the feminine realm
whether bed em befriend em or wed em, don't get em so well