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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  Melancholy in G'yeah! Minor *
Song:   Way I See It
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


People say I'm crazy, but they ain't shit, they hatin'
Lately they been tryna make it seem like I'm insane when
I know it's fucking them they plot to sneak up make a move on me
But I see through their bullshit I keep watch like there be two of me
The government is under every rock and every corner
Got an agent wait for orders say they making me a goner
They've made attempts in every way countless times been poison
But lately it's been lasers and these ultrasonic noises
And I'm a good person, I don't know why I deserve this
I worked to raise a family put it work I did my service
And I'm in my twilight years so why can't I be left in peace?
But it seems my hunters they won't cease until I rest in peace
And they just got my brother, he won't call me, or so says my niece
She said why you calling auntie thought you gonna let him be
And it's upsetting me regretfully but please just let me breathe
And then it's clear to me through fear they've turned the people dear to me

It's been a couple weeks now since my family severed ties
They don't believe I tell no lies the fighter in me never dies
I ain't feeling brave enough on my own but pretend to me
So enemies won't get to me, right next to me to threaten me
Cuz then I'll be dead in streets neck is slit I'm left to bleed
I'm terrified cuz I can't win cuz self defense means felony
But if these agents get me first I won't be killed I'll disappear
But shit I gotta eat I'll hit the market when the coast is clear
Step out hit the street I'm heading downtown move speedily
Look over shoulder no goons around, just scenery
It seems like all is well that's when I see her, oh, they found me out!
Start running to my building yeah I'm old but this survival now
The agent catches up to me, can't body the bitch
without no weaponry, defeated, no, I spit on the bitch
Fought all my life, ain't beggin, no I'm ending this quick
death staring me? stare back, straight spit on her thick

This song's about grandma living solo schizophrenic
Who's the sweetest woman living but she's prone to fits of panic
And her life was rich for years but in old age it seems like tragedy
Just cause of that condition she's abandoned by her family
And I don't mean my momma man she misses her and visits
But Japan is far away and grandma just dismisses
The plan when mom be visiting demanding gram come home with her
But grandma can't abandon it she swear Japan the home for her
And I don't even know her man I've seen her twice in 20 years
And thoughts of moments lost as she gets older's bringing on the tears
An I know it's hard as hell when a loved one's lost to crazy dreams
Of persecution claiming neighbors shooting them with laser beams
Wearing hats they fashioned for protection outta tin foil
It's funny til you realize it's manifested turmoil
Torturing them daily unrelenting make them run and hide
Their brain deceives the eyes but it's so real to them, they gonna die
If you can keep that fact in mind you'll fathom just a little bit
If someone zapped you with a laser even you'd spit on the bitch
When my grandma's demons let her rest, she has the gift to see
The truth in life she told my mom teaching's the career for me
Years before I saw it, and I don't know what you could call that
but I know its something special if my family saw, they'd crawl back
So I choose to think of grandma when she happy smiling dancing
To her favorite artist ever, swear to god yo, Michael Jackson
I dedicate this joint to you gram, I love you, you're my girl
People just don't see your gift you're too beautiful for this world