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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  Melancholy in G'yeah! Minor *
Song:   Pulp Lishtion
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


The next time I see you in the streets we gon pop off
That's what he promised me before he turned and stomped off
All cuz when his wife met LISH and starts to talk soft
I obliged respond warm all I knew she on board
Was unaware she spoken for so why she act so fond for
Talking with the LISH, seems she wandering and wants more
But all of that's beside the point all I saw's what ya wife wore
As scotch poured she smiled sweet that's what caused my dropped jaw
I called it a night, don't want a fight that's not at all my fault
Just cuz a lonely thug's wife wants to get all porn star
Tempting but that husband's fucking trouble fuck it, walk off
I'm in the apartment lounging when hear the knocks aww
shit it's the front door fuck I try to walk soft
To peer thru it's her, she says can we talk all
This shit got outta hand, so I open and she falls forward
Into my arms kicks my door shut, ignores calls
to stop, don't listen out come this broad's sharp claws
Un-zips the back of her dress and let's the top fall
to her feet, reaching back unclasp and now she drops bra
I'm powerless those hands of hers go low and then massage starts
While we're making out get lost in lust and now I'm rock hard
My mind is lost on auto never make it past my locked door
I'll pay for this but fuck it make her climb walls til we nod off
Woke up in the morning she was gone she must've crawled off
And I knew right then and there that I'm on borrowed time
I overstepped my bounds and now I'll pay with my own life.
My own demise is nearing I won't come out of this alive...

Out of weakness LISHUSS let a quiet storm become a white squall
A friend said that her husband was some well-known local mob boss
And my death was certain when she took that ring and rock off
To come and talk to me, so in a way it was the right call
To hit vicious split it all night I was a trite pawn
To slight him, yo it worked I heard he spread the word that I'm gone
Said the shottie cocked, on his shoulder's full of rock salt
So he can make me drop use knives to finish the job off
Now I'm on the block shook I don't wan' get knocked off
To get a gun's my only option other roads is blocked off
Look I loathe the heaters but if needed I'm hold the piece to keep the peace
I'll tote it keep it loaded close concealed in secret for the moment
in my coat just hope for real til ill won't have to point the steel
see this whole affair was pointless but for now that shit's a coin flip
I was chosen was by this smoking hopeless trife bitch
that's my plight cemented lying stiff just cuz a wild tryst
that I wished to skip but feminine wiles was the wildest
so tight was this slighted wandering eyed bride's bod
I tried but failed to stop I need an act of god, a plot twist
cuz I just left my friend's crib strapped, heat in my pocket
feel the weight of steel I got a gun but never shot shit
never even touched one, I'd do better throwing rocks, kid.
but no time for that, her husband whip just stopped quick
pulled a U rear window opens I'm in his cross hairs
can't react, just feel the shot, the side of my face is raw tears
the skin away I'm blinded but I dive behind a bench I
realize the shot grazed me only blinded my left eye
alright, alright I still got sight so I jump out let the lead fly
it's him with just one other guy, and my shot caught his friend's side
he's bleeding but still coming at me, the husband gotta machete
the two of them ain't gon stop, the only way out is deadly
I'mma fight right til the end, I say a prayer then let the shots ring...