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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  Melancholy in G'yeah! Minor *
Song:   Marvelous Bullshit
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


They asked me if I'm lyrical.  Shit, ain't these lyrics, bro?
clearer than appearances in mirrors hear me tears'll flow
Not to use a rhyming cliché, but I'm rap's miracle
Charles Barkley said it best, these other rappers "turrible"
I'm bout to stake my claim deep in this game, I'm saying cervical
Dropping lupids on ya melons props to humpty who invented it
Using words that don't be nothing set the letters etiquette elegant
Its evident that the sentiment that I pen in my sentences less than relevant
Fck it sub intelligence don't make a mug irrelevant
with verbal determinance I'm asserting my permanance
all about how I murder beats not concerned with my currency
don't front if they paying me for the way that I'm slaying beats
put to shame all these lame emcees I will take the pay gracefully
Deliciouss T, he be that chink in your armor
You be like, "get the fck outta my armor" brah that's my father's
Holmie, calm all that drama, yo, I just borrowed it from ya
if y'all want to be taunting my brawling brings on the trauma
nuh huh, my honor not gon' fall though have foes crawling off often
then start balling they momma's to stop they momma's from bawlin'
call it appalling? I call it awesome, karma soaring tall and
my calling is songs, so haul em in and let em all spin
See may deejays please play what T say

It's TO, see yo?  not Dios if you need escapism
stay spittin and daytrippin T ain't need to blaze ism
Spittin so-COLD-ism spit to rhythms kickin visions
Similar vocal versions of them prisms splittin spectrums
Prism Prism, I'm the Geo of this rap shit
Can't dodge a bullet but gas mileage is dat shit
for real yo, the Neo-Geo of neo soul
seeking fans is creeping slow, but T be feeling he a pro
no peers near me I'm lyrically so fearlessly furious
eager ears is curious to hear me steer serious
So here it is, are you hearing this, steer near a beer as I'm tearing this
if you're impressed prepare for a cheering fest
Smirking jerks ensuring me fervently the certainty
in this imperfect world's there's no certainties is disturbing me
It occurred to me it's certain that you nerds ain't heard of me
Furnishing perfectly world with word absurdities
Here's a certainty that works for me, I'll take your girl with me
not to diss him her decision, work, ya heard?  she purred at me
flirting inferring her skirt's deservedly reserved for me
her murmurs were murder, T blurted certainly certainly
Learn it's curtains if you irk me, be discerning, earn your keep
Certainly be certain if the urge to speak is sure to peak

On this rhyme spectacle the god BOB elected to
drop a bomb and wreck the booth with sonically impeccable
yet topically nonsensical poeticals that blend with grooves
incredible and yet he be telling you that they edible
embedded whether you stress it or let it be bet it be
unpreventably injected in your mental dead indelible
Set with a method akin to Tetris perfection
Expectorate four bar preeminence is LISH in his element
With a pen I am deadliest render emcees irrelevant
Left of view sense of humor's to my competitors detriment
Drop what's left of you deader than a Beretta dispensing lead
like it's pez and shit then stack the victims taller than tenements
This ain't crime chatter and dime-flattering blathering
its bad ass old fashioned track smashing like classic rapping
bash these tracks shattered, have whack ass cats scattering
back up or get flattened damn, if I have to ask again
I'll have to grab this pen and stab you dead in the neck again and again and again and a…

HOOK:  If you memorize my lines recite the rhymes
you'll find they wind up feeling fine when flying right out your mouth
nonsensical but fine don't stress it I'mma pen a rhyme
for fans to memorize well inside and out
remember reLISH fetishize the essence of em
let em rise with reddish eyes or chemically sound
Uh, memorize my essence bless a object of affection
or ya best friend let it fly your mouth...