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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  Melancholy in G'yeah! Minor *
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


The teacher meeting wrapping up, Spanish teachers cracking up
When Chad and Doug got mad as fuck, us janitors have had enough
What's wrong yo?  Some student took a shit in the stairwell
They musta had the school lunch just based on the air smell
And the bathroom is fucked up someone musta had hair gel
They flung on the walls, mirrors, handicapped handrails
And that's the job, brother, take the good with the animalistic
vicious Sadistic dipshit flippant kid shit
Dedicated, don't try to say that I ain't
lf this was a ball game, y'all know I'd go hard in the paint
No Flocka lock it down I'm tryna grind and prep kids for the world
New York City public schools serving the boroughs
BK to be specific I'm instilling the skills
To send em out for living independent to cover their bills
And above all love of learning spur a burning thirst for knowledge
Churning grinding yearning know to make it gotta earn your profit
Sometimes they shine from the work you do all day
everyday, and others? They take shits in the hallway
Word to gawd, son, yo dropping a deuce
Ketchup counts as a veggie you guess that it's loose

HOOK 1:  Man I like teaching and I like these kids
But sometimes I swear to god it's like a fight T's in
Enslaved by the bell
Ain't try no see no students less they name be Lisa Turtle

Not to diss em but LISHUSS get negative in this business
In the winter months when all is grim and convictions is thinning
All around weakening productivity slipping and
It's just difficult to be convinced this job is legitimate
When I feel the truth when getting into the thick of it
Is that poor kids get the shit end of the stick and who's winning in
Life? It's the richest kids. It's trife and the bitch of it's
That while we wanna fight for justice nothing changes
Same shit violence, crime, debt, and pain filled
Lives what I see's a generation aimless
Angry from upscale and down to state ass-
Isted though if mommy got no money ya problems more complicated
But status or flat busted assed out I've had bout
As much as I can take if I see another face
Under 18 years of age I might snap in the middle of class
Blackout, you fill in gaps, tragic if not built to last
see potential lost to form a cautionary tale
stress is caused by thoughts that haunt you
what if your best efforts fail. And that's real

HOOK 2:  Man I LOVE teaching and I LOVE these kids
But sometimes I swear to god I'm like fuck this shit
Enslaved by the bell
Unless Kapowski wanna mwoaawgghh me with her mouth I'm out

Intermittently live for this shit but typically slitting the wrists
Is within the limits of possibility killing the LISH
belittled by little kids really sick of this bitterness
and it's just ridiculous to continue not fit for this
damn, I'm losing it, drink booze abusing it
blue cuz dues paid and still lose, the fuse is lit
The LISH is a dude who's into smooth living snoozing and sex
Yet I'm choosing stress abuse entrenched I'm refusing to rest
If I keep this up I'll run the risk becoming that bum ass
educator feigning dedication complaining and claiming
Don't judge, fucker, you think you're better than me?
Just cuz I said I want see kids dead in the streets
That's just figure of speech, the flow of emotion
Momentary hoping that they'd choke or go drown in the ocean
I said hug em really snug around the neck with love not choke em
And if you heard choke then I musta been joking.
I wish they'd be victims of grave but non-fatal accidents
They outta commission but not dead I'm compassionate
mysterious coma, and not some shit where they're goners
but they'd miss all the months from um now til the summer
Trippin.  This rap is dedicated to educators
Seeing the negative and flip it into attainment
For students they improving they move em instill that flame in
Their hearts they learn to savior how to labor to achieve what they want
It's an art, playing more than their part
They're the ones who raise the village, son, we owe a lot, so tip your caps
Raise glass and if you're rich give cash
and at minimum just give em some dap, yo, LISHUSS out