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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  Melancholy in G'yeah! Minor *
Song:   Horror Story
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


My heart was ripped right outta my chest when the doctor said it was terminal
Instead trips to the park and kindergarten watching her learn and grow
Her funeral would be in the fall, cuz three fourths of a year was all
The specialist would offer us when he ball-parked her odds for us
the fevers and fatigue and nosebleeds, heavy breathing
was keeping her from eating and sleeping every evening
for three months before we received the prognosis
after the first doctor botched it there was a chance but now it's hopeless
I swear to god I'd swear revenge but honestly I don't have the strength
Not breaking down in front of her and my wife is all I can bear to take
She started chemo even though it means the death will be slow
Slower than if we go strictly meds to ease her pain though
We know, at least we feel, selfish stretching the suffering
But when she goes, we'll be crushed so it's all of us that'll be done with this
World.  Her hair fell out in clumps last night, it had me shook
Bought clippers for this, but she said, no, daddy, I can do it look
With her own hands she pulled all her hair out, and she smiled at me
As if she's proud cuz she helped like she does when me and mommy clean
I wanna be strong protect her never letting her feel this fear we feel
Keep it cheerful, meaningful, but I'm weak.  I think, is this really hell?
In racking sobs I pull her close and hold her how am I supposed to cope
when hopelessness is choking me it's rope is yoked around my throat
She asked daddy why you crying I can't tell that I've lost all hope
when hopelessness is choking me it's rope is yoked around my throat

When sadness happens randomly and makes you wanna thrash and buck
You're mad but chalk it up to bad luck but as losses stacking up
and chances passing by you see it might be best to pack it up
It's tragic but you grasp the sad reality that chance is fucked
Life is random good or bad don't matter it's just win or lose
It strikes a blow, you wonder why you try to play within the rules...