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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  Melancholy in G'yeah! Minor *
Song:   Fuck NY State of Mind
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


Sick of living life in a
Cycle.  Days pass I fight the keep my balance like a tightrope
This ain't bout lacking chances it's bout passion, what I want to be
No obstacle is blocking me, cuz honestly
I'm what's stopping me.  My laziness climbs out to pounce
yo it's on top of me got me rocked I'm popping bottles like a fiend
or lying on the couch to watch TV I'm living slovenly
I ponder on it solemnly, don't twist, I live responsibly
The manner though in which the LISH accompLISH things is probably
kinda bitch.  Gotta switch it up a bit the mind is crisp
Ready for the challenge and to dominate life's hollowness
I feel from day to day that's draining me and pave the way until you plainly see
progression not to pace or run in place that's fatal, see
To seize the day, you gotta grab the fucker by its throat
Combating all the maddening doubt, make room for hope
And fuck it if the message is violent cuz I'm not trying to be
But I write this speech that I'm reciting to inspire me.
The fight in me lies idle can't ignite it for the life of me
with daily life I'm being crushed my surroundings stifle me
I'm fine when I break free and leave but feel tied down in NYC
Can't combat the grind and that frenetic pace the island brings...

Stressed out, sweat, get tested, chess bout
messed up put in more and get less out
set to jet out can't see best route
debts doubts mount threats from the chest shout...

HOOK:  I'm in a, fuck NY state of mind, am I a hater? Maybe
straining to make it pay off is making me jaded I'm in a
Fuck NY state of mind, am I a hater? Fine
but maybe I'm the sane one and escaping it is making it.

Fuck NY state of mind, fine, I'm a hater
But the game is fixed I make my family play it like a sadist
I been paying dues for ages, when the fuck we celebrating?
I'm hungry never sated I wanna proclaim I made it
you attain a certain stage and then appraise the situation
I'm saying what you made of yourself not what you've taken
I wonder whether Gotham is the place to stake ya claim and
try to make the gains it takes to build I feel I'm just maintaining
And some days I don't really know if pain I feel is me or life
City never sleeping is right, man, you can feel the strife
Tension, stress, insomnia, ya mind is in a squeezing vice
People act like living here enduring is a feat of might
Randy Savage motherfuckers thinking life should be a fight
But I don't think they see it right, I'm seeking out some peaceful nights
better days where daily grind is weakened so I feel the highs
and lows are minimized, right now living in this city's like
Rats that's trapped yo this island is packed
I'm from the sticks and fam be asking will you ever come back, crack
A brew and kick it true where jet black
Skies are lined with stars shine bright blind eyes to get back
To home T , say peace, fuck the scene, pace
Let fiends chase green while you seek a green space
Please reclaim a life where peeps can be sane
Don't stop seeing life's meaning, T, yo, keep aim
this bleak game drains disdain creeps in, stains
the mind frame, break clean peep the refrain...