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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  Melancholy in G'yeah! Minor *
Song:   The Fiever
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


Mm.  sweet Jesus.  I can't Beleib this
a fiend for speaking heat over beats so it's egregious
when these kids who's steez be seeking the screams of teen females
start speaking stead of singing and Delicious T feel derailed
It's mad love from the scene for teen Canadian shemales
meanwhile T be slinging singles by email
I'll even bet he skeet in way more beavers than T
so I'mma leave to Beiver give up emceeing and teach.
these bitches catching Beiver fever hotter than collar fur
why can't they read 105 up off their T-mometers
he's poppin bottles while I sulk if I had a dollar for
every tear they shed for Beib I'd climb outta squalor sir
not squalor but the pad is modest nothing to brag 'bout I'm honest
need more rooms and longer walls to hang all the plaques that I'll poLISH
embittered older spitter never twittered or is it tweeted?
whatever I'm twit illiterate kiddie shit isn't needed derivatives

and the same complaint conveyed here when I'm bitching bout Beib, well
my favorite rappers probably would say that of me, hell
they would be like LISHUSS what the fuckin' kinda name is that
they would say I'm joking disrespecting on the game of rap
emphasis on would cuz that's the best case scenario
chance the LISH will see some fame, receive the hate is very low
yet I'm staring so intent my goal's to blow though fairly old
I'll stair it down with coldest glare I swear I'm gonna tear the whole
muthafucka down not scared to grow expand and cherish all
the moments now til hopefully the point my album barely sold
and I'll say fuck it least I killed it kept my flow and lyrics bold
maybe next one interscope will clear the samples spare a whole
billion on my future albums as I show and bare my soul
on sampled soul with million of fans who hear declaring, YOOO!!! 
he's the man. that's the dream true fact, bruh
dream is right the pipe is glass I must smoke crack, bruh

If Beiver can rhyme then fuck it anyone can do it
must be easy and my favorite rappers probably think I'm fooLISH
it's true this rap is awkward like when white dudes wear doo rags
but I can't stop the truth is that I dream of being a douche bag
whether through spitting the truth or flipping a ball through a hoop
I'll get so big the fans swoon, dismiss all that shit I do.
I wanna risk riches sending pics of my dick to some bitches
Then they'll threaten me give us ya dividends LISH or ya finished
giving interns leverage to discredit me isn't enough
America don't care as much cuz they're in love with shit I bust
or forcing girls in bathroom stalls or slipping the pass rush
never take no for an answer man I am that tough
In the court or on it foes come at me I defeat em
I'm accused of rape in Colorado dunk my way freedom
and kids will wanna meet me so I'll have em over rolling
in my bed they'll pet my monkey while the pills and wine is flowing
Flyest hoes and me will go make freaky deaky videos
of filthy hot fifteen year olds who drinking up my pee an yo
when judge and jury watch the slurping on the tape they will determine
that the peer isn't me yo LISH ain't guilty set em free
you can flash a girl harass her, and slap her pass it off to fans as
lack of facts and evidence if ya married to her stab the bitch
kill her leave ya gloves behind 12 people find you innocent
abuse some kids feign ignorance dismiss it children don't know shit.
but listen kid, don't harm a cat or dog they'll throw the book at y'all
making sure you locked with some horny dudes and prison guards
who turn a blind eye to anal mirking that they serving you
and all because you murdered something furry that's considered cute