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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  Melancholy in G'yeah! Minor *
Song:   Farewell, Listener
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


Listen careful if you care for LISH's brand of vicious mad ambitious
Rappin' cuz it's sad to spit admit that this will have to be
the last attempt at grabbing listeners adding fans expand the business
build a brand yeah as if that shit actually had had a chance to
grab attention yet I had to grab the pen and blast and fill the
pad with venom living famished grabbing at the chance for acco-
lades and recognition scrapping clad in plaid and denim
simply dressed but mental cap is absent as in max capacity is
actually assumption as how mathematics have to set
parameters to practice in as reference.  Solve for I
I and I alone made all the beats and rhymes you're hearing if
you don't count all the classics that I sampled without clearances
Dumbing glum just cuz my job ain't rapping bumming 9-5
a nerdy dumpy 30 something cursing puzzled murmur wondering
why my gig is hurting something dirty. Word, I need to curb
disturbing trend before ya heard t murdered someone, y'heard, no frontin
I write these lines to right my mind in times when life is dire, I'm tired
I'm mired in finding life is just like fight night, not a fighter
But not the type for flight either nor lifeless lining a pine box
I'mma bite and scratch  right back at grim life's trife shit, I'll box
But enough with sad emissions struggle tragic crabby bitchin'
This one have it all from ass n tits to mind expanding thinking
all admissions spit are honest earnestly expressed I'm on it
though at times you gotta dodge a quip my WHU?? Shit's solid
stretching skills and getting better til I call the best my brethren
my wish, if I'm honest, is to mention LISH amidst the legends
And I know that it's really sad that I'mma pass on rap cuz servin
whack ass spitters with this racket that the LISH estabLISHed hurting
swish akin to Sampras then enhanced so they can catch a whippin'
My rapid swing is savage average rappers fuck with badminton
shit advances past my habits s kid addicted to this rap shit
I'mma have to grapple and adapt to rap life sans my writtens
And I'll pass on gin n jack and chill instead I'll have a Guinness
As I deal with crabby infants finding happiness within it,
Yeah this album's bat shit nuts and also phat as hell, a classic?
That's what both my fans say peace I'm out, so yeah, please enjoy my last trip

I don't know if you caught em, but some lines I just offered was awful
I oughta have offed em, for recording I guess I got caught up
and coughed up all that paltry old bullshit about brawling
jerking off verbally all bout targeting rappers for jawing
Except for retarded ones barking I got no problem with all them
talking bout balling yo gaudy squawking ain't no cause for sparring
and for all those bought in well awesome I glad I brought em
but honestly constantly posturing like a baller's exhausting
I'm a modest artist who just thought up some rhymes and then scrawled em
then brought the heat with beats I formed, hit record and I mauled em
from this point forward, it's all authentic honest important
not on some boss shit, y'all, the gawd wanna foster guffawing
although I won't score no wins on charts I'mma give it my all n
if ya peeps like who's the LISH, this artist they talking bout often
all we know is he's coughing up appalling rhymes like it's his calling
y'all respond awww yeah
He's the one with the huge capacity for effecting change in a fickle world