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Artist: Deliciouss T
Album:  Melancholy in G'yeah! Minor *
Song:   Baby on the Way
Typed by: Deliciouss T *


The question ain't what if we can't, it's what if we can?
I feel like a boy growing older but not a man
I ain't ready to be no daddy but sadly my life passing me
Quick as a flash to me like fling now it's in back of me
The advent of infants in my hands is intense
I invent some mad plan it's advance or get tense
And incensed til madness is grabbing at this man
strategy is key to any challenge ain't no difference
but there ain't no way to know for sure you make inference
push em out the nest and hope he flies if not the kid lands
on his feet but honestly the problem be the accidents
and bad decisions reprimands it's as if I'm a masochist
You hope for greatness sometimes and others pray for average
And give a better life than yours, whatever that old adage is
What's tragic is to try to have a badass kid you ask for it
Plans fall flat and damn it's like just add him to the savages

HOOK:  Let em launch, brace for impact
Hope they hit their target all intact
IF they do there's no way to flash back
To now, my life's in the fast track

Fuck! Where's the manual?  I'm frantic, dude, yo hand it to me
Life ain't sappy movies dreams come true like magic rap and do me
Pack a toolie bagging groupies crap in diapers sad but true, b
Fuck a caddy gotta keep a carriage moving packed with human
derived milk, I cry when it spilt. Fuck
this shit how bout drinking milk stout?
Get tips whilst we figure shit out?
I shut down when this kid, he flips out
Back to the problem.  Bottles? See the bottoms
Why try facades, I'm honest, not lying, I wanna try them
All.  along the way the LISH has fallen into fatherhood
I don't feel no different haven't changed although probably should
At the bar with colleagues every Friday after work is done
Like it's over ain't got shit to do til Monday, getting drunk!!
Stop punking out and man up grow the fuck git up stand up
And other such clichés if you're a nanny put your hands up
I need help

I've estabLISHed some of the most advanced avoidance strategies known to man
When the going get tough the LISH get tired unveils his plans to go and nap or go and lamp
And LISHUSS executes this shit with militant proficiency
My response to difficulty's most based on pleasing me
The problem with the seeds is that they 24/7 round the
Clock its complications taking breaks is not an option.
The minute water breaks for eighteen years it's on and poppin
rest on laurels, missed one step, I botched it yo, adoption
was the option God cuz now they making nude vids poppin locking
Or worse they're asshole finance douches trading stocks and options
fucking republicans who'd cut own mothers for couple a bucks, kid.
I shudder to wonder how utterly fucked up they'd become just cuz I'm unfit
To raise em right to rule the roost when needed not for feeling
Like they'd do it just for influence it's improvements that they're seeking
Do the right thing word to spike lee have the nuts to fight for truth
and make a fuss to seek and lead with proof and if I'm lucky light the booth