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Artist: Erick Onasis f/ DJ Quik, Xzibit
Album:  Focus White Label 12"
Song:   Focus (Lakers Victory Remix)
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[Vocoder Box]
Never understood how we did it, 
How we made this music groove your very soul.

[Erick Onasis]
Yo! I'm at the game 
In a rented V-12 Benz outback
Going to see Shaq
Inside twenty thou', Whoa!
Is he the best in the NBA? Right now.
Lakers no joke
Aint nothing funny
Shaq dunked on Dale Davis 
Making' 'em a poster bunny (Yeah!...Yeah!)
That is the basics 
Kobe Bryant in the Matrix 
High flying over Rik Smits 
On any court
Lakers dominated the sport 
Cause Mark Jack' ain't doing jack
Don't get confused the NBA rules
Pacers can't incorrect and got abused 
I bring ruck to any team bringing drama
Make 'em feel it, like 2 Pac's "Dear Mama"
Yo! Shaq attack...He's back
The Lakers be all the way and that's that...Uhh!

[Vocoder Box]

[Dj Quik]
Erick Sermon...Xzibit...and guess who?...
Ay! Tell me what you get when
The Lakers, Xzibit, the game get down with the E Double?
You get Kobe trouble 
Shaq make the court bubble (Make it bubble)
Rock the ? so hard you shake they break out to the ground 
And dig 'em out of B rubble, partying
Happy that you shook the whole crib 
And when y'all win the title this year, I got dibs
Cause this is how we do it here 
It's ironic that y'all done stepped into a room
Of purple-yellow chronic
Fat booty women sparkling 
Trying to take you to a star
Trying to get Fox to recognize they know who you are (Say What!)
Can't you see the purple carpet, they lay it out
And if you got a fantasy Fisher they play it out 
We big ? balling dudes; from the gate
We been waited on and hated on since eighty eight
Now cross my team and cross my path 
And we go get y'all way down 
From the Staple Center and I betcha that...

[Vocoder Box]

Ladies and Gentlemen, I presented to you
Yeah!...Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit...Yeah!
Los Angeles Lakers...C'mon!
Y'all gonna take it all the way, Baby!...Yeah!
I'm the spin doctor, Phantom of the Opera
Los Angeles Lakers would break 'em off proper 
Shootblocker, take a couple of 3's and a free throw
Shaq go for the slam and smile for the people 
Rick Fox, big shoots like a buglers pick locks
And when we put it down 
Make the crowd get loud, wanna act wild 
Indiana slow your pace down, Look at you now 
Just pack it up and go into town 
Spice your mouth, Y'all still all chickens
Extra points like a field goal kicking
You could hack Shaq all day
But y'all still ain't wining
Xzibit walking away with the champs
With y'all team is cheap in the stands
Give it up to the fans 
And it's going off in the stands
Kobe's the man
Jackson be the man with the plan
So listen: The Jell-O is giggling', the butter was hard
Put it down for this Lake Show Champion Squad...You Know!

Yeah!...Uhh!...Give it up Los Angeles
Uhh!...Lake Show...Yeah!
Broadcasting live to you and yours 
Big Shaq, Big Kobe, Yeah!...What up Rice...Fox
Yeah!...Uhh!...Keep it banging
Yeah!...Ladies and Gentlemen
We bring to you the championship Los Angeles Lakers Squad 
Yeah!...Mr. AvireX to the Z, Xzibit 
Yeah!...Erick Onasis
Yeah!...What!...Dj Quik
You know how we do ...Yeah!
Throw on your purple and yo yellow and represent 
Los Angeles...Uhh!
Doing it live...Bringing it live
Yeah!...Phil Jackson
Pop ya collar...Hello!
Yeah!...Bringing it live to you and yours
Rest In Peace...Roger Troutman
Yeah!...Keep it moving...Yeah!