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Artist: Declaime
Album:  Conversations With Dudley
Song:   Dearest Desiree
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From that night when you came
Pacing back and forth in the rain
Couldn't maintain
A young man trying to make a way
But was forced to stay away
When you touched Earth
On that special night of your birth
Please, accept my apology Desiree
I was in boot camp baby, US Navy
Yeah I sold out for a minute
'Cause life I just couldn't win it
And I ask my lieutenant
Please, let me witness my first
Don't let me miss part of being
Co-creator of heaven's work
All about you
Don't weary Desi, I got you
Never, forgot about you
Always in my thoughts, always in my prayers
Sometimes life just ain't fair
Beatiful Desiree

Dear Desiree
The letters I sent you they came back
The gold chain I got you came back
Why's your momma actin like that
Kept us at a distance
Missing you on Christmas
Darling Desiree, I know that one day
We will have a laugh, share a cry
One day before I die
Sometimes two people just can't get along
Me and your mom fought all night long
And every day
A stressful way
To live life
So I did what I thought was right
Yeah I skipped out
Packed up my things as if I didn't care about
This life that I helped to bring out
In this world
Either that, or spend time in jail
Domestic violence, this life's a hell
An empty shell
But love will prevail
Love child Desiree

Your heart, has to be empty too
You gotta feel the love I have for you
Dear daughter Desiree
Did you know I named you
You're my wish come true
I love you
Baby, understand
Music is how I stand
How I preach, reach and teach
Touch each and every soul
Without it I'm cold
Without it I grow old
And stand still
Never know my true will
Which is to speak the word
Of the Divine spark of light
In the name of ?

You know you got a brother now
Eyes and smile like mine, like ours
My love grows more
As time grows more
As life grows more
Dearest daughter Desiree
Love always
PS, I love you