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Artist: Declaime
Album:  Andsoitisaid
Song:   2MC or Not 2MC
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2 MC or not 2 MC
That is the question
Keep 'em all guessin'
Teachin' niggas lessons
With the mic as this tool
The mic be the tool
Translatin' this soul out to all of you

Who you be?
I be, cool ass emcee
Get my point across sharp
With this delivery
This art from the heart
Nonstop envy
Since we off like a thief in the night
Dealing on the ones who try
To re-lose my right to recite
Visions of wisdom
Pull it past the weak is how I'm livin'
My insight allows me to reach heights unheard of
Crate digga niggas, guess you never heard of
A cool nigga speak
Bodies choose to get loose when I speak
Can't y'all sit in every section when I peep
Hoes all in question, who we be
I be, the D-E-C.. 
But I don't go into that
Better yet, bust with this boom bap
Like cops out on a mission
I'm top notch now listen
I glisten
Like chrome and you go dippin'
Cuz Oldie got me slippin'(slippin'.. slippin'.. )

Chorus (1x)

And right now I'm on some right shit
With some shit that floats like how Mike gets
Up and above the norm 
I take form
Like clouds 
Reign down on all crowds
That gather round when I get down
First you see me now you don't
Catch me sleepin'?  No you won't
See this music, got me twisted
Doped up like I was lifted
The trick is to dip heads
Be true to who you are
This music is f'real
So reach out and touch far
Far as me, you see I pays dues
Do what I must do to prove I move the soul
Hip-Hop, the new and old
Hip-Hop, the new and old


"I'm here to ?end flight?, bring some insight, on rockin' on the mic" (2x)

Now watch the way I move it
Even R&B can't groove it
Give me your best and I'll run through it (BZZZZ)
Like electricity ?Caan? do it
My mic's blowin' up the spot
Heavy on you when I drop
Some shit to stop
Fools playin' with my emotions
Always West Coast
I display my way of music
Music, god bless this music
But see how niggas use it
Makes me want to lose it
Break out my strap and use it
Drain all your inner fluids
These scripts that I hold
Are full of truth so use it
In the last times and days
Never walk that dark path
Or you just fade away (fade away.. way.. )


"Hey.. H.. Hey.. "