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Artist: Dead Prez
Album:  Turn off the Radio: The Mixtape, Vol. 2: Get Free or Die Tryin'
Song:   Window to My Soul
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My big brother. Revolutionary love
You know your lil brother love you dawg
You know your sister love you dawg
You KNOW your mama love you dawg
We riding right here with you dawg
Be strong man. Keep pushing forward. Look here

You're my brother and I love you and I wrote this for ya
If I could change anything, it's what that dope did to ya
Coming up, I looked up to being just like you
Same crease in my khakis tried to dress like you
You getting swole lifting weights, stocking caps with waves
I'm trying to see the world how you see it, wearing you shades
You and pops never really got along, who was right or wrong
15 years old kicked out all alone in this cold world
And I can only imagine what you was going through
Cause I was so young when it happened
Mama cried like a baby that day 
She never blamed you, it was painful
Cause she knew the streets was waiting to claim you
Over time, we could see the hardness in your face
Wanted to help, but couldn't find the words to say
I guess I went into denial hoping for the very best
Stopped believing in they God cause what God would allow this?
Not in my wildest nightmares, nothing compares
To see my brother be a crack fiend for all these years
Tried to send you inspiration when you was locked in the pen
But soon as you came home you right back on that shit again
And mama say she don't feel safe with you home
She got to hide money and lock her room door when she gone
We still love you but until you find strength in yourself
And the will power to open up and accept our help
What can we do? I can't let you terrorize mom dukes
We feeling like we just gone have to turn you loose
They say in war there's no victory without causalities
But when it hits your family that's when you really see

Like a window to my soul, you can see the pain in my life
Got to make a change in my life (it's a struggle every day)
And it's not impossible to make a change in my life (gotta keep pushing forward)
I can make a change in my life, I know (aint no other way)

I know it's hard coming home to the same old shit
Aint nothing changed cause the game don't quit
The pain inside is still throbbing
The same conditions that first created the drug problems still exist
And it's a bitch, got to go to the job or starve
Without a gun every day employees get robbed
And on days off, we blow off them crumbs like nothing
Getting high cause a nigga gotta get into something
But we get trapped in a cycle of pain and addiction
And lose the motivation to change the condition
I blame it on the system but the problem is ours
It's not a question of religion; it's a question of power
How did black life, my life, end up so hard?
Why do so much injustice go unresolved?
Why the ones we call governments be the main causes
Behind why all the dope is coming through the borders
Television reporters got the facts distorted
Making scapegoats of every black youth on the corner
It's a war even though they don't call it a war
It's chemical war unleashed on the black and the poor
And who benefit? the police, lawyers, and judges
The private owned prison industry with federal budgets
All them products in the commissary
Tell me who profits, it's obvious and it's going too good for them to stop it

In my mind, my body, and my soul, I need a change in my life
We need a change in our lives, you know
And it's not impossible to make a change in our lives
We can take the pain from our lives, fa sho

We don't own no boats
We don't own no planes to bring no dope
We don't make no cellophane (bags to bag it up)
We just caught up in the game
Don't you know

Don't you know it's bigger than this shit
I know you know. I know what's in your heart dawg
I love you til the end of time. And again and again
I'ma be your brother, your comrade, and your friend
Til we win and even then