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Artist: Dead Prez
Album:  Turn off the Radio: The Mixtape, Vol. 2: Get Free or Die Tryin'
Song:   Tallahassee Days
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Orange Ave
Tallahassee Florida
I'm take ya'll back to the yellow mustang with no license
With that 38 under the seat

What you know?
Whoever said life is beautiful lied
This shit is hell
I've seen too many funerals
Too many of my niggaz locked in cells
Nobody ever put me on life was like this
I'm 20 years old and my whole life's a crisis
No way out
And I mean that
When I say that
Runnin' round from place to place
Like a stray cat
I don't own nothing, don't hold nothing
I'm growin up with nothing to show for all my hustlin'
Still strugglin'
And a job is a joke
They ain't hirin'
The only free ride I get is one with a siren
So what other choice do I have?
I got niggaz on the ave
Pushin slabs that a break me off a Porche and a half
So I can stand on my own two
Be able to have what I need
So I can do what I want to
I wish I woulda had a career
Cause through the years my momma stressed
Takin care of self
But I aint here
I was caught up
Sipin on Coors
Smokin Newports
In and out of court
Without a single thought
These days I'm out bout to Loc
Whether I make a record or serve dope
I refuse to keep bein broke
Cause times are getting rougher by the second
As long as I come up
Who give a fuck about the method
It's a kill or be killed kind of a theory that's in me
So when I die, at least I'm taking somebody with me
If I'm wrong, than I rather be wrong than right
45 calibre chrome and its on tonight
That's how I'm livin
Low life, runin licks
Taking big risks
Tryin to get my motherfuckin flow right
Cause without loot it's useless
My life as a youth was fruitless
That's why nowadays I'm ruthless
Plus I got a lady in my life
That one day just may be my wife
If I can deal with this crazy strife
I put love in the air
Show that I care for her
Let her know I always be there for her
But right now the type of life I live
Can't afford no wife and kid
I gotta fight for my right to live
So I cock my hat low
Snatchin up pocket books and float
Cause I'm a thug and that's all I know
Whatever it take to make the steps
I'm ready to take the steps
Whoever got paps better break theyself