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Artist: Dead Prez & Outlawz f/ Erica, Scott Lo
Album:  Can't Sell Dope 4Eva
Song:   Searchin'
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[Verse 1: Stormey]
Yeah! let's be honest, I know I took more then I gave in the past
?? luv family ?? ?? ??
I've been hustlin' hopin, tryin' stay focused oping with life
Like a roll of dice
This life we live surrounded in ice
There's some promise sendin' for us but still we gotta keep goin'
Everyday we breath in live, God give us chances to show' em
Take the piss that we keep giving and blessings that he keep giving
Using to my advantage, keep humble and keep forgiving
I know the prier seem distant, but yo gotta know and listen
You gotta be patient in life, play your position
I know I can witness things in life that money can't bring
Also witness things in life things that only family can bring
Talk bout fortune and fame
Talk bout hunger and pain
Talk bout whooping even making
Cursed for blessed with the game
Cursed for blessed with the brain
Through all my stress and the pain
Know what (what what) I'm a make it

[Chorus: Erica]
I've been searchin'
I've been lookin' for love
Waiting for the clouds above
To make me all that I am
And I thank you
I've been searchin'
I've been lookin' for love
Waiting for the clouds above
To make me all that I am
And I thank you
And I thank you

[Verse 2: Stormey]
I don't prey for wealth, prey health and peace and self to move on
My heart sane, trying stay strong and try to move right along
With the right and wrong I'm a fight along, as Long as I'll live
Long as I'm humble keep my faith in god is all I need
Still working to get ma cash, hustling I gotta get it
And then I laugh last, last with the voice of vicing
As God is my witness, my strength and my source to achieve
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My savior, my light, my life, my fighter right to believe

[Chorus: Erica]

[Verse 3: Scott Lo]
First of all, when you found that you must be God first
If you wanna build the life that's worth risking all
So for me it's an opportunity to speak, to reach
The four corners of the globe, the pain
I know, I can see it in your eyes but I'm right here with you
In it though before is all over we celebrate
In everything, give thanks for this is the will of God
In Christ, Jesus counsellings you, nothing is too hard for him
If you have a heart for him
Everything is possible, don't let nothing stop you
We need you, get on your feet soldier
Hearts of west colder
?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Leaders don't wanna step up and be there why they were put there
We all call them for what we did, we doing what we ought to
Do for the sake of the future, know that is not about you
It's bigger than money and fame
Bigger than reppin' yo' hood
Taste it and see for yourself that is good

[Chorus: Erica]