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Artist: DC Talk
Album:  Welcome to the Freak Show: DC Talk Live in Concert
Song:   It's the End of the World as We Know It
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[Verse 1]
That's Great, It starts with an earthquake
Birds and snakes, An Aeroplane
And Lenny Bruce is not afraid
Eye of a hurricane, Listen to yourself churn, World serves it's own needs
Dummy, Serve your own needs
Feed it off an aux speak, Grunt, No, Strength
Ladder start to clatter with fear fight down height
Wire in a fire, Representing seven games, A government for hire and a combat site
Left of west
And coming in a hurry with the furies breathing down your neck
Team by team reporters baffled, Trumped, Tethered cropped
Look at that low playing, Fine, Then, Uh oh, overflow
Population, Common food, But it'll do
Save yourself, Serve yourself, World serves it's own needs
Listen to your heart bleed
Dummy with the rapture and the revered and the right, Right
You vitriolic, Patriotic, Slam, Fight, Bright, Light, Feeling pretty psyched

It's the end of the world as we know it
It's the end of the world as we know it
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine

[Verse 2]
Six o'clock - TV hour, Don't get caught in foreign towers
Slash and burn, return
listen to yourself churn
Locking in, uniforming, book burning, blood letting
Every motive escalate
Automotive incinerate
Light a candle, light a votive
Step down, step down
Watch your heel crush, crushed
uh-oh, this means no fear cavalier
Renegade steer clear!
A tournament, A tournament, A tournament of lies
Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives and I decline


[Verse 3]
The other night I tripped a nice continental drift divide
Mount St. Edelite
Leonard Bernstein
Leonid Breshnev, Lenny Bruce and Lester Bangs
Birthday party, cheesecake, jelly bean, boom!
You symbiotic, patriotic, slam, but neck, right?