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Artist: DC Talk
Album:  Nu Thang
Song:   I Luv Rap Music
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Rap music, the sound of the times
Ya sorta talk lyrics to rhythm and rhyme
And then deliver in various ways
You know some sorta preach and some sorta play
Nevertheles there's some common ground (word)
Ya know the def hip hop sound
Hyped up bass with a tiny snare
The sub-woofer makes ya neighbor stare

I luv rap music, I always have and I alwasy will

Now rap started as the voice of the streets
A sorta politics to a ghetto beat
Then rappers started braggin' all about their gold
And the girlies and the beepers and the big, black olds-mobile
In '83 the beatbox hit
Makin' funky drum sounds from out ya lips
But talkin' on nu forms, rap has moved from the block
Now some mix it with soul and some mix it with rock
Ya know

I luv rap music, I always have and I always will
There ain't no other kind of music in the world
That makes me feel quite as chill
I luv rap music
You know, it's sittin' on top of my list
So, if ya wanna hang with me
Ya better believe we'll be jammin' to a hip hop mix

Concert time in my part of the town
Ya know, I brought my mom cause I knew she was down
She was flat groovin' but couldn't understand
How they makin' music when there ain't no band
And, then she cried "James", everybody stared
She heard a James Brown sample and though he was there
She got home shook her head and said, kids these years
But then again, we think the Beatles were weird


Today, some rappers boast, some are makin' me ill
And those obscene lyrics are overkilled
But, I started' way back in the day
And since then, there's been a serious change
Ya know, I asked Christ to come into my heart
And He gave me a brand nu start
And on top of dat, he cold gave me my dreams
Doin' hip-hop music with a Christian theme
Ya know