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Artist: DBangz
Album:  Wet Willy (S)
Song:   Wet Willy
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

(What you got man, hurry up)
My name is Lil Cumstain my wet willy leave you speechless
And I'm ugly as the fuck, I pulled up-
(Nigga this is trash)
(Shut up, shut up, shut up)
(Nobody wants to hear your ass)
(Nigga you're fucking garbage)
(You gotta go, this is garbage)


My name is Lil Cumstain, my wet willy leave you speechless
And I'm ugly as the fuck, I pulled up lookin' like a fetus
Got your boyfriend hella mad 'cause I won't give him a feature
I pass it to my [?] because my penis didn't need her
I ain't got no money but my niggas ballin' steady
Steady ballin', put your girlfriend to the side and she applauding, no
She don't got no hands because I like them paraplegics
I like 'em in a wheelchair, suck them ankles 'cause I need it
Bitch I'm young DBangz, all my lyrics leave you bothered
Like this one, imma pull up to your house and fuck your father
Talk behind my back, my niggas coming for your neck
I protect! and when I'm with yo bitch I show respect

When you're in my car make sure your seatbelt is on
Yes, your girl is bending over and yes, I can see her thong
But I don't even look because sex is super wrong
Let's talk about them feelings ho, let's talk about your day
I don't wanna pipe, I told that bitch that I was gay
So she let me touch them titties each and every kind of way
Cameron said she liked me, I said girl don't fucking play
Because I'll take off your vans and suck them toes, if I may
Yes I'm fucking trash and I might get thrown away
Don't tell me that I'm cold, bitch I don't care what you say
I swear to god I whip a '98 Tacoma with my boo
If you hit me, imma fake it out and swear to fucking sue

Bitch I'm super ignorant, girl, your boyfriend can't compete
Travel to the dark side, let me nut across your feet
Let me nut up on that middle toe and make you feel helpless
You pulled out your feet, my meat got hard I know you felt it
Your boyfriend said I'm trash, I said nigga yeah you right
But with that fucking haircut, nigga you look like a dyke
I rob you out your bike
I rob you out your shoes
If you super thick come on, let's go fucking cruise
Tall ass dyke, she was like 6'2''
She punched me in my eye and now I got a fucking bruise
Came back strong, AK with the clip
Stole the beat from Tay-K and now he calling me a bitch

Swag, swag, swag, swag, swag, swag, swag, swag
Swag, swag, swag, swag, swag, swag, swag, swag

You're fucking trash, you're fucking trash
I'm so trash, I'm so trash
My nigga told you that you trash
My nigga said you trash
All my niggas' trash and my niggas asexual