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Artist: Dat Boy Grace f/ Enjoli
Album:  Crumbs to Bricks
Song:   Come Ride Wit a Playa
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Oooh, come and ride with a playa
There for me

Cause of my candy exterior, wood and leather interior
Pull a broad stopper 20 inch chopper, new popper reigning superior
Candy blue rain coats leather, got surround by sound in my trunk
Screwed Up Click represent to the fullest, jamming slowed down funk
Best in the money Doca Cabani, Versacci made by Gianni
1999 version, of Mr. Clyde and Ms. Bonnie
No need for robbing and killing, we getting paid thinking millions
Two deep top down with screens on, in luxury what a feeling
Baby let your hair flow in wind, relax as corners we bend
I got codeine for my soda, and a lil' old juice for your gin
Now as we spin in the Benz, no destination just rolling
Blue lens Lorenz and Yokohama, girl it's Southside holding

[Hook - 2x]
Baby come ride with a playa, all night long
Tops drop and screens lit as we, ride on chrome

First off can you let your top down, let the sun touch the face
And this long hair, sugar brown watch my shrug hey
In case some gangsta shit go down, me and my man one on one
Making the shit, go run
I be house shoes with slippers for my nigga, blast quicker
I mean baddest lil' mama, queen of all classy figgas
A skin of Versacci wear, or Gucci superstar no groupie
Want coochie you got the loochie, then my man got the houchies
Discriminate em off one time, let me know you really want it
Caress you sex you down, this is your way it's on me
No phony or faking baby, it be the love making
That got my heart shaking and baking, in paradise while I'm raking
Up and down like a pony, do you feel me I know you want me
Moving fast or slow, and body rocking up on it
Whatever pleasing is you, whatever makes you happy
I'm down to roll with you, whether houpe Bentley or Caddy baby

[Hook - 2x]

It's plain to see I be a G, I'm riding in luxury
Converted tops and empty chops, so baby come ride with me
The elegant rider street glider, head turner hogging those streets
Mo-mo blocks on foreign drops, and playa spokes on my fleets
Wood grain on dash and do' panels, mini TV's cable channels
Make a selection pick a direction, and we gon burn like some candles
Riding high blowing drank, and relaxed on leather trunk banging
Feeling good looking good, dripping candy paint and we swanging
Acting bad, the haters mad at me cause we looking so lovely
Optimoes full of sticky, po'ing up glasses of bubbly
Hustling you rub me to my ears, we ride off in the night
I'ma guide the grain and screens rain, baby girl just po' up the Sprite

[Hook - 2x]

Rode on chrome baby, drop the top
Yes I am spitting, feel alright
Let your hair blow, in the wind
All night, riding on chrome uh
Ride on chrome oh, yeah yeah