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Artist: Daz Dillinger & WC
Album:  West Coast Gangsta Shit
Song:   West Coast Gangsta Shit
Typed by: Lil Hustle

What up Daz, (what's up Dub)
Hey my nigga, I got a question
(what's that my nigga), what do you get
When you put two of the downest niggaz together
From two of the hardest clicks in the game
(man you already know), west coast gangsta shit nigga
Yeah, you already know nigga, what's up Dub
Whoo, this how we do it nigga
Show you niggaz how to do it, West Coast

Walking on to my set-ity, tossing all of my hot lead
From the sawed off gauge, I'm barking on em
Killa Cali connected
L.A. and LBC, directed enemies get dissected
You fucking with two legends
Veterans all that G shit nigga, hair nets or coffin
Peeling your dome, steadily clinching the chrome
Cause niggaz done forgot, what this West Coast was built on
Gangsta shit, authentic originality
What you calling violence bitch, is all reality
Blue rag red rag, I know you feeling this
I see you every city, so I know you still exist
D.A.Z. and Dub-C, make the gun go click-click
For all the niggaz, sick of this bitch shit
So when I bust better dodge
Long Beach and Los Angeles, West Coast stand the fuck up


Niggaz run when I bust the gun, niggaz duck before I begun
This how the West was won, competition none we killing one
Murder in the first degree, lethal injection
It's that gangsta shit connection, or West Coast is next
Testing you niggaz, you niggaz failed you didn't graduate
Steady aim I don't hesitate, penetrate
The chest plate, up close nigga or far away
Classic like Hardaway, kill a star everyday
Dumpers with them dumpers, West Coast back what's up
W's in the air, me and Dub into som'eing
We the West Coast, old and new niggaz from everywhere
Niggaz that wear blue, niggaz that wear red
Born to bred, in the land built from the ground up
I vowed nigga that I'd never let up, West Coast

Nigga you already know nigga, West Coast