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Artist: Daz Dillinger
Album:  Gangsta Party
Song:   Smoke That Weed
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Daz Dillinger]
Right about now
It's time to get into my zone (what zone is that)
Dillinger and friends, we got a big smokeout jumpin out
We got pounds upon pounds

[singers - in background]
Smoke that, smoke that, smoke that
Smoke that, weeeeed
You know we smoke that, smoke that, smoke that
You know we smoke that, weeeeed

[repeat in background]
I say we smoke that, smoke that
I say we smoke that weeeeed
I say we smoke that, smoke that
I say we smoke that weeeeed

[Daz - over singers in background]
Courtesy of Jesu
You know what it is, ROLL IT UP~!
Yeah, y'know
Hustlin, grindin, it's a natural cause for me y'knahmsayin
I breathe it, I live it, that's what I do y'knahmsayin
All the way out here in Seattle
I see Tacoma over there, y'knahmsayin, Canada, Portland
Smoke it right here, doin it real big y'knahmsayin
Dillinger and friends, smokin up, all the motherfuckin Swishers
that the liquor store can have, y'knahmsayin
Goin to get the big brack, the big box, of Swishers
Y'all know what it is mayne!
I'm chillin I'm smokin, that's what we do
It's goin around like a choo choo train
It's movin and doin the same thang
448 grams, you count it up, a pound
Smoke it on down, y'know
27 grams, but you can put it over like 28 29
It wouldn't matter

[female singer - other background singers just chant "smoke smoke smoke smoke"]
Can I blaze wit'cha
Can I get hiiiiiiiiigh wit'cha
Oooh yeah!
Some of that purple!
Some of that chronic!
Some of that too thick, sticky icky, weeeeeeeeeeeed
Gimme some!

[Daz - over singers]
Point five, ain't nuttin but a joint
Two point five, hell of a joint
Just put it on the scale, man I'm outta here y'knahmsayin
I want y'all to roll up this big-ass blunt
Get some of that motherfuckin bullshit, y'knahmsayin
Strawberry Now & Laters, some of that, Skittles and all that in your system
Yeah, this for the bitches too, I can't forget about y'all
Come over here, I know y'all LOVE to smoke weed
But I got all kind of flavors, just like youse a flavor

[original background singers and vocals return]

[Daz - over singers]
It's your boy Dillinger, chillin right here
Funky fresh for my homeboy Jesu
Supplyin that shit for you, for me, and for the rest of these niggaz
It keeps goin, I'm out
Gotta go recop

[female singer with ad libs]
I wanna get hiiiiiiiiiigh, hiiiiiiigh
Hiiiiiiiiiigh, hiiiiiiiigh
Can we get hiiiiiiiiiigh, hiiiiiiiiigh
Hiiiiiiiiigh, hiiiiiiiiigh