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Artist: Davy DMX f/ Sweet T, Iyoni J
Album:  The DMX Will Rock 12"
Song:   The DMX Will Rock (Rap Remix)

  T: Sweet Tee
  J: Iyoni J
  B: Both

Verse One:

T: Hello party people, my name is Sweet Tee
   And comin' to ya quite live The Almighty Davy D
   Now that we have the stage and the spotlight too
   Sweet Tee and Davy D'll rock the party for you
   He's gonna rock the spot while we say that rap
   That's gonna bring the house down cos we got it like that
   So sit back, relax, this you don't wanna miss
   Cos Davy D is gonna rock, gonna rock it like this...

Verse Two:

J: Hello and how are you? I'm Iyoni J
   But I'm not like you from around the way
   Where I come from we're rappin' night and day
   But we rock to the big beat just the same
   So while I'm rockin' to the rhythm, check this out on the floor
   Because a Davy D mix will make you ready for more
   So let me tell you people, never settle for less
   Take notes from Davy D cos he is the best

T: Get yourself...
J: Ready!
T: Strap yourself...
J: Down!
T: Guess who?
J: Davy D...
T: rockin' in your town
J: We're two fly girls sent straight from heaven
T: To rock to the beat for you 24-7
J: That's right, we're here to rock
T: And as a matter of fact
J: There's not another DJ
T: Who can cut it like that
J: So if you start feelin' strange
T: Don't wanna go to bed
J: Cos Davy D's fresh cuts
T: Know how to mess with your head
J: Sugar brown skin lady with my pretty eyes
   I've got a def shaped body and I'm energised
T: I stand 5'8" and I'm 20 years old
   I'm so divine I'm worth my weight in gold
J: And Davy D likes spinnin' oh so fine
T: And of the world of mixin' he's the mastermind
J: So when you listen to the beat
T: You know it's comin' from the best
J: The No. 1 and only...
B: Davy DMX!

Chorus: repeat 2X

Davy DMX is here tonight
Now everything is gonna be alright
We came here to rock the microphone
While Dave cuts the record down to the bone

Verse Three:

J: Devastatin', calculatin' and I'm one of a kind
   There's no-one in the world who's got a rap like mine
   Davy D, do your thing, I'll rock the microphone
   I'll make all you people feel right at home
   So if you really wanna see Davy cut that beat
   You know you gotta be ready, there's no repeat
   Rockin' to the beat, he took 'em every time
   There's no way that you could stick to the same old rhyme
   When he's rockin' it you know that it's the very best
   He should never be compared to all the rest
   The highs, the lows, you know how it goes
   And Davy DMX, he always steals the show
   So get with it, understand it, it's fresh and new
   And only Davy DMX is gonna do it for you

Verse Four:

T: Mixer, turntable and a drum machine
   And everything else that makes it sound real mean
   Davy DMX rocks the party non-stop
   He takes it from the bottom to the T-O-P top
   Sittin' up there on a throne like a king
   Turnin' out music like it ain't no thing
   So do yourself a favour and have no fear
   When the DMX fills up the atmosphere
   With the sound of Davy D and Sweet Tee with the rap
   You're guaranteed fun, don't worry about that
   Cos I play no games, my raps are serious
   They're so good they'll make you delirious
   Gimme the time, I'll give you the place
   So I can blow your mind with my pretty face
   Cos I'm devastin', sexy, I'm sweeter than the rest
   And on the DMX Davy D is the best

Chorus: repeat 2X


B: Don't mess with us, there's nothing to discuss
   Do you know why?
   Cos we're gonna rock... x7