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Artist: Das EFX
Album:  Can U Feel It Single
Song:   Can U Feel It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*set to the same beat as "Can You Feel It" by The Fat Boys*}

To the hiddip, the hop you don't stop... (international sound)
Das EFX with the real hip-hop... (international bound)
Das EFX, Krayz Dray-Z, Boogie Banger
Let's go yeah

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
"Can, you, feel it?"
To the, to the hiddip, the hop you don't stop
"Can you feel it?"
Das, Das EFX with the real hip-hop

[Verse One]
Now if you feel it in the air you can feel the vibe
Das EFX up in here yes we've arrived
Can you, can you, can you feel the heat boy?
Bass in your face knock you off your feet boy
No hopes; no jokes
Just some dope beats and dope quotes
Can you, can you get with that fam?
Still eat a rapper up just like Pac-Man
So it's a wrap fam, Dray and the Books here
So let's celebrate like we do in a new year
So can you dig it yeah this the new shit
But "Can I Kick It" like Phife and Q-Tip?
Can you baby it feels so good
Like {?} man the shit's so hood
So can you feel it yeah I bet you all can
New Das EFX, once again it's on man


[Verse Two]
Yeah, yo, yo
Can you feel it, it's your boy Bang
Diggy Das in effect, hardcore slang
Yo, can you feel it? If you can't you paralyzed
I'm +Sirius+ like the radio on satellite
Riggedy rap dude known for the metaphors
Raw in nine-two in oh-nine I'm even better dog
Can you feel it if you can say yes
Biggity B-double-O-K-S I stay fresh
How the flows, yeah dog I'm on top of those
Lean on rap dudes they fall like dominos
Can you do it like me? Hell no
Cognac got me bent like knees and elbows
We feelin like Run-D.M.C. in shell toes
Boogie Bang hustle man in the blizzard I could sell snow
Can you dig it? No compromises
Keep real hip-hop alive, let's go~!