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Artist: Darkroom Familia
Album:  From the Barrio With Love
Song:   Daddy's Home
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[Verse 1]
I'm writing you this letter just to let you know
even though through out the years my feeling never showed
You were just a little girl when I fought for mi clicka
I remember times I had no peace of mind
You see I had to hussle cause I couldn't find work
I didn't know that when I left that your feeling were hurt
daddy please don't go the streets are bad
how could I explain that I had to be a man
risking all my vida every hour of the day
I always cruise around looking every single way
just to take you to the park I always said tomorrow but I said that every day
then I'll kick it in the barrio mija understand daddy only wants the best
the day you were born I knew that I was blessed
Now I'm ready to change
I know it the only way
let me wipe your tears cause your daddy's here to stay

I got something that I want to say
daddy's home and I'm here to stay
No need to cry cause I'm not going away
(I love you daddy) daddy's home and I'm here to stay

[Verse 2]
It's the rage of my god please don't take me away
I want to be with my family but I killed a man yesterday
You saw 'em coming up and your face showed fear
don't take away my daddy and I couldn't wipe your tear
They shoved me in the car mija please don't cry
they were taking away your daddy and you didn't know why
let me go I'm a man and I wana be free
found me guilty so they sent me to the crazy penitentiary
Now I never see you cause you hardly ever visit
You had your quincianera and I missed it
to many long years and I couldn't see you grow
You're the only one I love but you didn't even know
I looked through my letters
to make me feel better
I could tell your little tears dried up on the letter
I miss you daddy cause now I'm grown
times are getting hard when your daddy's never home


[Verse 3]
I'm sorry little mija that I chose this route
I didn't realized what this life is all about
I waited for this moment for so long
I don't know how I lasted feeling strong
Now I'm standing by your side and I'm here to stay
I'm never gona let anyone take you away
Forget what I did
cuz I was never there
cuz you just got to know that I'll always care
I missed it all your first day at school
Every single birthday man I played a fool
How could I have been so blind
The love I was looking for was their all the time
I see your face and you cry I felt the swelling in my chest run deep inside
Querida your my angel the girl of my dream
Even though in the past I did some crazy things finally daddy's here
To wipe your tears away put your head on my shoulder cause daddy's here to stay


I'm sorry mija
no need to cry cause I'm not going away