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Artist: Darkroom Familia (Never, Sir Dyno, Mr. Ace, Mr. Kee, Duke)
Album:  Penitentiary Chances
Song:   Handfull
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[-=Al Pacino audio=-]
You recognize the M-O?
M-O... is that they're good
Which mean they knew our response time to a 2-11
Had our air, imobilized it
Entered, escaped in under three minutes
Once it escallated into a murder one beef for all of them
After they killed the first two guards
They didn't hesitate
Popped guard number three
Because what difference does it make?
Why leave a living witness?
Drop of a hat these guys were rock and rollin'

Welcome everybody delt the way you all
Stand tall while you crawlin'
I'm a watch you fall
Creepin' on a full moon
Four in the afternoon
Either way you're gonna meet your doom
Floatin' down a river
Understand I don't really give a
I'm a killa
So jump out this hell hole
But I ain't done
Never 1 a fuckin' handfull
It's like this
Come and try to step into my mist
Taste a kiss of the end of my brown fist
You should a known we were deeper than your momma's crack
You should a known by my rep that I'd be comin' back
I brought some rope
A shovel and my Dickie golves
Black ski mask, and no mutha fuckin' love
Either way he can't be found
Take him outta town
Dig him underground
Too bad yo family did not know that you were playin' games
But maybe someday they'll find your skeletal remains

[Sir Dyno]
Boom, Bam
Oh, Pow
Got you bloody on your knees
And I'm laughin' with the crazy smile
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha -=more laughing=-
You thought you had me knocked down
Now I'm goin' for the pound
Like I said we aren't hard lookin' in the dark
You know you better run when you see my cuete spark
I'm not the type to do a shoot and run
Best belive I'm walkin' up
And shoot you again just for fun
Man I won
Cuz it's all just a game
And no matter where you go
Man I told ya it's all the same
So don't try it
Just jump on the band wagon
Anybody left
I'm gonna leave 'em hangin' back up
Vatos comin' at ya five deep
Just a handfull of camaradas that'll make you bleed

[-=Usual Suspects audio=-]
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
Was convincing the world he didn't exist

[Mr. Ace]
Back in again
The Latin kid be bringin' you the boom
A handfull of MC's representin' the Darkroom
Five minds gettin' loose
With five kinds of flows
Here to keep you busta MC's on your toes
Never 1 is giving 'em Low Down flows
And who knows better than I know
My bro I know
We gettin' rough like a rhino
Fuckin' shit up
With the capital F
And we ain't done
Check out the one with nothin' left
And just when you thought
That you was up in the palce to be
That mutha fucka Mr. Kee
From the Sucka Free
Puttin' it down for the Darkroom Family
You can't dodge
You can't juke
Here to drop a nuke
That mutha fucka Duke
And if you still think you can fade the Ace
You a fool
There's many more up in the Darkroom
This is just a handfull

[Mr. Kee]
(But I'm out to get loose on y'all right now)
I'm somethin' like a missin' link up in this game
Cuz suckas doin' the same old thang
Hand fulla criz-zack
Gotta watch my back for the buck-buck-bang
It never rains without the fog
I never roll without my dog
And if you slip
I'm jackin' you and yo bitch
Cuz it's a fucked up world
But I let these rules and regulations
Since a youngsta
On how to be a hustla
Crooked mutha fucka from the 4-1-5
And if your lame to the game
You'll never make it alive
And now I've gots to cut a creep
On this funky littlen base line
Smoke the blunt
Hook up the mic
Quickly commense to rap
So we don't waste no time
This hesitation will get you caught up in retaliation
Look at my fortress
And you'll see no type of penetration
Cuz in my kingdom
It's just me and my click
So when th crime gets organized
We're never trippin' off no punk snitch
We keep it tighter than the fist when it gets hectic
Expect the unexpected
If you choke you'll get neglected
Watch the chronic smoke exit from my lungs
Puff and pass
Your hoe's up on my dick
You better believe I'll tap that ass
Cuz I'm a bonified playa from the Sucka Free
Best to bring a Army if you thinkin' you can fuck wit Kee
Wit bad intentions is the way I grip this microphone
You best to be quick
Cuz if not you'll feel the chrome
That's a handfull

(Shit I got a handfull of some hot ballons.
How much you want? I got some A-1 shit)
I got a handfull of A-1 hot ballons in my right pocket
That get you higher than my pussy standards
Off one hop hit
Most of my folks grind
And get their stacks stacker
The best costomers every year is them white crackers
I gotta give a fat ass shout out
To them esses and hicks
You mutha fuckas keep hustlin'
While takin' shit from the pigs
These days
There's only a handfull of folks that I trust
My number one potnaz
The Darkroom Family from the cuts
So all you shady characters
Get the fuck out my way
You bitches can't touch the 2-0-9
Or the Bay
The Darkrooom been runnin' this shit since '88
We control the Latin market
All over the Western states
We got over 20 tapes under our belt
Been throwin' game well since the days of "Freaky Tales"
So I sit in my chair
Lookin' at placks on the mantle
You don't wanna see the family
That's got dope by the handfull

-=Duke talking=-
Hella dope
Nigga we the hop in hip-hop
So take a couple of these balloons
Go make yourself a tape and stop hatin'

[-=Kevin Spacey - "The Usual Suspects"=-]
And that was how it started
The five of us being brought in
On a trumped up charge
To be leaned on by half-wits
But the cops never figured out
What I know now
Was that these men would never break
Never lie down
Never bend over for anybody