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Artist: Darkim Be Allah
Album:  The Manhattan Project
Song:   Put a Hit Out/I Did It
Typed by: Tha Masta

Yo yo, what the deal Darkim?
Man, we've been doin' this music for too long now
Back in summer '88 we bangin' on top of mailboxes and shit
Shit God, I got this studio up in the crib
YouknowImean? Fax set up
Come lay your shit, come make this shit together God
What the deal?

[Chorus: Darkim Be Allah]
The devil got our unity broken
Their business playin' cash in our hand could get us open
One false move and you're stuck in the groove
Just Put a Hit Out 'cause niggaz today ain't puttin' shit out

[Break: Darkim Be Allah]
That's peace God, you got all that shit God

[Darkim Be Allah]
Right now I got this money to make
Move your shit in and out of state
to push weight on your corner
Stabbed by my girl I had beef with, the former
Like livin' in a T.V. show drama
Bomb a nigga fuckin' with the charmer
Walk straight into Tomahawk, attack me
Goin' to war, like Apache
My bitch started fuckin' with the rich
My hoe turned out to be a snitch
Call my shorty, her style'll switch
I wanted G's on my wrist
Takin' the bus, I took a risk
A chance in a million
I heard out of state, you make a killin'
Feelin' my bag while I'm rememberin' my dad
Thinkin' of my seeds, how I'ma give 'em everythin' I never had
Caught a stab wound, hospital room
Smoke a fume for my people, gonna be home soon
Stay away from the tombs, the Island of Sing-Sing
The phone is tapped, just let it ring
A big money handler, I keep high stacks like a gambler
Paranoid bitches in places I should avoid
with the remedy, your family members will remember me


[Darkim Be Allah]
Everybody's rappin' like it's Christmas
I love hip-hop but fuck the business
People that cash in, copy every fashion
and treat us like fads just passin'

*explosion followed by beat switch*

[Darkim Be Allah]
I live my life wreckless
I Did It for the ice on my necklace
Plus I had to make 'em all respect this
Grew up with the treacherous
I seen 'em taken out on the stretchers
I Did It how I seen 'em old niggaz bless this
I Did It 'cause I wanna live better
I risk more degrees now I melt Swiss cheese with my cheddar
I'ma do it right now, if or ever
Remain, son, I Did It through the pain
Pain, I Did It for the fast cars, I Did It for the riches
I Did It with the finest bitches
Then calmly went against the whole damn army
I Did It for my real live brothers that's slain
I Did It in the sunshine, I Did It in the rain
I Did It for the money and the fame
I Did It 'til we both came *deep breath*
Kept on goin' for the love of it
Sometimes I just do it for the fuck of it
And bitches, you'll never see the God turn religious
I Did It for the ladies, I Did It for my people
and now they wanna do it for a sequel
I Did It just to dis' them, I Did It for my brothers in the system
I Did It for my brothers that's riskin'
life and limb everyday 'til there ain't no life in 'em
I Did It thoroughly, I Did It for the bubb-illy
I Did It 'cause you niggaz don't trouble me
Queens that the God gets, I Did It from the boroughs of The Projects

*beat continues for the next 2.5 minutes*