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Artist: Darkim Be Allah f/ AllahWise
Album:  The Manhattan Project
Song:   Peace & Love
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: AllahWise]
Yea, that's right, T-Big in the house once again
A.I.G., knowImean? AllahWise touch the mic
One time, yea, one-two, yea, check..
Yo, yo, yo..

Why should everybody grab, step to God-body?
Like a warrant, runnin up in your party
Kamikaze, be warned I blow louder than a shotty
Put your vest on, keep your vest on or get hit with the teflon
Don shit, my halo palm push you in the pit
or the thorn bush, watch out T-Big Soldiers on foot
Bow to the fake, make his ass shake like a rattle snake
in the grass, cut throat slash, we here to make cash
That means the business is good, it's all good
Did it in the hood, in the mainstream, came to collect cream
Fuck them jakes, shoot up the place for them big faced
cakes in the suitcase, let's keep the fam laced
Keep your boot laced walkin the land the waste
Shoot out/car chase, I duck, slide in the first place
Number one hit on the chart, Razor Sharp dart
Martial art, tear shit apart, I did it in The Park
Tomahawk, rap walk right out The Bronx, New York

[Chorus 3X: AllahWise]
Now we say peace, one love, give universal hugs
Know one another, A-alike, like we all brothers

Yo, I been doin this shit way back, keep a verse on Cap
Spit pre-meditated rap, where it at?
Yo, hit it like a bat, I'm on like a fitted hat
No mic check, inject the tech, sound effect
Intellect, dialect, connect like projects
Doin this since T-Connect, rock the mocknecks
The British Walker rap author wrote it in a magic marker
This water, slammin like Vince Carter on camcorder
Vanish off the TV, fuck it, press up a million CD's
Now we go from gold to plat around the global map
God kill track, put your farmers, sold the life track
Crackers we attack for the green backs
My bottle raps make the cream stacks
Higher than drugs, I made above
You see a fake rap about, dude?
Find slugs don't try to a be a thug
Before you get laid like a raw cut and your wire cut

[Chorus 3X]

Yo, I'm back on the blocks since School of Hard Knocks
It's like everybody wanna live it up and rock ice
Dice like it's Las Vegas, don't want no boss to pay us
Water players all about stackin papers
Hijack the wack, this a caper, hard labor
Sharp razor cuts through chumps that wanna raise up
Did this shit by the older timer and design a rhyme up
Blow 'em out like marijuana, this kinda drama
got me wanna pass the ganja, keep in The Pillage like Cappadonna
My rap armor protects, war without a mic check for Money, Power & Respect
Connect with the big cats who say my sick raps
Should rock a pimp hat and tuxedo
Down with the Kane the way I make the game
All up in the cash and fame, gotta catch what I'm sayin
My hip-hop drops, jewels I spit new hop
Sit on my block like drug sellin
Every verse is a slug in your melon
What the fuck's funny? Don't it from me, don't be no dummy
Streets'll kill you for the love of money

[Chorus 3X]