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Artist: Darkim Be Allah
Album:  The Manhattan Project
Song:   My Return (Bronx War Story Pt. 2)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Darkim Be Allah]
Back in the days when we used to build
God, we was serious, man
You couldn't come out ya house without knowin' the day's degree
Matter fact, you made it your business, to know that
I made sure I knew every day's degrees before I came out my house
The life long, the temperature prevail

[Darkim Be Allah]
Fuck all, I'm a law raidin', ya thought the star faded
That's why I thought the God was incarcerated
Played it silky, my hands filthy, yo these bitches can't build me
My mind stimulated since the year Build God
The in populated blocks, where the niggas get props
From the way they box, Fort Knox hangin' from a necklace
Newer links fake to brake a vi-sectors
It's still hectic, bring the Bronx back to combat
New York City, where the realest M.C.'s don't talk pretty
I drop the science a lot, clock the chambers
Shameless game made me famous
Various name-shot fame, cop the alias
See me in a foreign land, Donnie Banks, Nia Long
Starin' in "Real Life Bronx War Story"
Tellin' ya saw me, all world, they out performed me
Inform me it ain't the city streets, talk about my name to the gritty peeps
Fame speaks, talkin' of my name in the same week
Green loves sparkin' up bud, faggot Sher' son
Before everybody round these pounds and bear-hug
Gun's lacerated, men fire, Empire State is on the book street related
Traded into piece like all I ever wanted was the street life

[Outro: Darkim Be Allah]
Knowledge of self, knowledge of right form
And knowledge of these streets, and knowledge of good evil
The tracks pay on that, the return, the return
The return, the return, the return, my return
Must be a big truck, cuz why we took the 36 into
Even if I'm God then you must be just enough God as I am
See what I'm sayin', so, then, all you fakin' and wanna front
Don Banks, I'm lookin' at you like what's your problem?
I know a thing right here, you know
Don't mean your mine ain't progressed in mine
Mine ain't even born in New York, yo, we gotta raise a proposal
Nigga, a straight proposal, so therefore, we movin' in chambers
Power refine ya mind, cuz the mind meets many individuals
Get developed, you go from elevation to education
So if a man can't constantly elevate, therefore he is just the man
Back to the Earth in the form of Josh supporter
Meanin' you'se a dude rapper, you go back as a dude rapper
Back, back down