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Artist: Darkim Be Allah
Album:  The Manhattan Project
Song:   Money to Spend
Typed by:, Tha Masta

[Darkim Be Allah]
Screwface niggas don't blink
You know when you broke, how shit stink
I link with the realest from thug to drug dealers
Killas in my phonebook, family members
Co-defendants, lone crooks
See the tracksheet, the God is fast, don't sleep
Play the backseat, countin your cash from last week
Need the high, keep the street game, now what you seein me?
Step in my world, check out the scenery
All this shit is a pety thing
Where was you at? I lost everything
Sing me a song, fuck that, but I be wrong
Pressure up, hittin the bricks to get my hustle up
Dominate the corner, trips to Bahamas, new whips
by the summer, drummer melody
that hits three kicks for every felony
Listen to the deadly piano, tellin me..
What the fuck that got do with it?
You see me? Niggas they both were actin greedy
Spread the love, and relieve me
Watch me, no one can stop me
Cop my word from treasure poppis
How dare niggas try to cop..
Family ain't family no more
I walk with niggas lookin just like me
But I'm the target, I blessed it in
Collect the check son, invest it in
Dolly I ring Holly, and polly with the best of them
Electrocute, step to your group, armor dressed with
You still execute niggas like Texas
The same one who held you down from the day one
Kick back, relax and feel my invasion

[Chorus 2X: Darkim Be Allah]
All y'all niggas ain't givin me shit
Spent the long hard day on the strength
Finish this flip, if the Lord don't blast me, money to spend
Then I'm happy cuz friends, they attack me

[Darkim Be Allah]
I walk the backstreets alone
Rock the microphone, carry chrome
My block-zone cornered to this corner
Feelin mad stress, invest in marijuana
I sacrifice karma, step in to the cipher of the God
Peep the nature of the everyday struggles for the paper
Me and Kay make it then break it down accordingly
I can't afford you, you can't afford me
I remember everything, we was gettin paper like Kabrini
Niggas sell shit, fell time, tell time friend
All the truth's in me, a man can't dwell, how he used to be
Splashed out, crashed out, blast out exclusively
This millennium, watch me swing like a pendulum
Tellin fake niggas, I ain't kin to them
God became famous, but still I had to learn what the game is
Watch out for friends more than strangers

[Chorus 4X]