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Artist: Darkim Be Allah
Album:  The Manhattan Project
Song:   Christ the King
Typed by: pneumatic

[Darkim Be Allah]
The East coast host your holiness
Don't sleep, I keep guacamole grip
Julah Sha the first one that told me this
The black man's God, It's hard
We after Satan with a hit squad
Catch him in on the bricks or in the yard
It's God season, Might pop off for any reason
Watch his start release'n
Call me coke, Cause I'm colon freeze
Supreme Architect, Wings in the projects
Allah Christ who's gift to God enlight
God on the mic, Drop jewels just to quench your thirst
Tell the truth and abuse every bitch in church
This news hurt, Couple clues they aint mention first
A lot of light shine'n, Christ lost your rhyme'n
Chisel cut like a diamond, This is power of refinement
I very likely to blast every time they pass mics to me first
Man it's better then a hype beat
I clash with foes who think stashin my cloths
I hold a key for wise man older then me
I swim over the sea, Begin solar degree
A G-O to the D, Walk through water cross your border
Christ make street cross the order on a snitch with a tape recorder
Rappers debate, I slaughter
I'm King Christ, If I lose I'ma bring it twice

[Chorus 2X: Darkim Be Allah]
Drop a million scientist, Killin your highness
This Fame Life, Christ is timeless
Now the whole world got they eyes on this
Who I came with, I heard em sing Christ the King of this

[Darkim Be Allah]
Everyday launderer, Play the corner
They stay callin up the coroner
Christ gettin money with the foreigners
Control the Planet, Do work solo mechanic
Play the coast of the Atlantic
It's Christ holdin the tablets
The Black Sea, Christy make the rhymes breathe
The tracks bleed, Batteries included
I'm deep, Street ______
How many times I walk with plenty rhymes son
New York shines, God bodies talk in the mind
I walk with nine, Brought mine
Thoughts stay divine with crime, Got experience
Judge and jury and they can't seal me in
Make a plan or experiment, (I'm out on bail right now)
I clap rappers after packin it backwards
On the block with my capital stackin
Knowin DT's hate, Lookin back laughin
The blackest African, They know my face it look familiar
Catch me with the crooks and the killers
Brooklyn Guerrillas, South Bronx, Harlem
Queens thrillers, Shaolin with the wizard
Drop a line paint a whole picture, Hieroglyph literature
The knowledge for domes, Poem deliverer
Built from the bridges and the staircase entrance
And the same place that murders attempted
Where some strike back over old resentment
It's like a dream but it's real, Call me Christ the King

[Chorus 4X]