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Artist: Darkim Be Allah f/ Bitter Knight, K-Bar Allah, Supreme Just
Album:  The Manhattan Project
Song:   4 Directions
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Chorus: movie sample]
Where are you--where are you--where are you--
Where are you coming from? And where are you going to?
Perhaps, I should like to know all about you

[Supreme Just]
Eh yo, I was alerted to your arrival
Idle time spent preparin' myself, to better myself
When you were knelt, stepped live and ready
Powermoves quick, niggas with skits should don't test it
Revealin' the third, reachin' the herbal, three hands down yo
No need for the crown in the kingdom of sound
Boogie Down, Uptown, keeps daily states swift
Sword skill master, rip shit live for the mind hereafter
Break down the thoughts, but yours, yo flip that
See me on the flip, I mean the remix
Got a couple of rhymes, time to lace, treble and bass

[Darkim Be Allah]
You know the flavors, for razors
A hardcore war never favors
Rhyme wizard, work hard for every digit
Bubble since the hold-blocks
Y'all learn to juggle, double fold knots
Dominate slain MC's for the drama sake
Eat your food right off the plate
I mate with the flyest birds
Eveything change while I observe
Serve niggas, hardcore to the herb niggas
Lift my word, shit figures
Caeser in a past-life
Three-sixty degrees, nigga that's right

[Chorus - minus last line]

[K-Bar Allah]
Stood my ground and made a way, never strayed from the road
I was taught by the old, Clan's born, never fold, under pressure
Maintain your stance, fast forward, advance
If you're not, take your time and just rewind
Recline with your Misses so you could just listen
I learned then listened then looked
I ran with the precinct crooks
from down the Hill to the Empire, money's on the books
We Live at the Lab, the coming of the wrath
Outdated fires'll bath, plus known for killa-graphs

[Bitter Knight]
What's the use when, a nigga don't see?
And postin' kinda a close to me, you not where you supposed to be
I spit it like peace and let me tell you openly
Ain't no farest, words are jokes to me, with you I never hoped to be
Plus I stay frustrated, anger and bitterness
Dance of the soul, done it high to validitives
And even if I could, I wouldn't want to have the surgery
Too much drama on my life and a constant state of emergency
See I get no breaks, and still rub my side for the snakes
I don't draw blood, I draw lakes
There's cancer in my soul, that keeps my heart cold
and keeps snake niggas like you from gettin' old *echo*

[Chorus x2]