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Artist: Darkim Be Allah
Album:  God in the Ghetto
Song:   Still the Christ
Typed by: pneumatic

[Darkim Be Allah]
I blast through your fitted and your shirt
Last couple years doin dirt, The street fell off
I'm back takin emcee's heads off, It's Fame Labs
Christ on the name tag, See me on the same Ave.
Krohme tell em that it's big Christy
If they front tell em it's Bill Bixby, My bills is real crispy
I brought them Fame lab killers with me
Smokin weed like a nigga hippie, The most dominate
Christ on some rhymin shit, Hit you like a dime of piff
Niggas forgot better remind em quick, God spit legendary lines bitch
It's me Christ and I'm hood like three dice, Emcees never see me twice
Fame Lab niggas get it right

[Chorus: Darkim Be Allah]
This is King Christ I give it to em
You know the God you aint seen me cause I been in the street
Hustlin hard, Drop legendary sciences
Bust shots, Break blocks where we struggle with Leviathan

[Darkim Be Allah]
Last year I pulled my scale out and filled my dime
Two thousand-eight I'm bustin killer rhymes
They caught my man gave him guerrilla time
Now they wanna steal my shine, Fuck that mic jack on the rapper
I damn strike back after millimeter blast master
Krohme tell em how we do it street music
And the rhyme fiends they can't refuse it
Snatch your batteries, I bang like them Cali G's
Turnpike I carry keys, That money said you better marry me
Coulda had you workin for a salary
The stash kept you stable, Fillin bags off a glass table
Krohme beast'll blast your label
You know me, Christos the King of this, Real hip hop
Not no singin shit, Fame Labs'll bring it quick
Math's superb son to come through and crash your Burb
It's King Christ yo, Fame Labs you heard

[Chorus 2X]