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Artist: Dark Sun Riders f/ Brother J
Album:  Seeds of Evolution
Song:   Bro J. Theme

        DJ's and MC's!  Can't touch... J, J, J (repeat 5X)

Verse One: Brother J

Now as the vibe get live, in the tricks on the vics
Bells like elixir, so come get your fix
Subliminal minister, will weave through the sinister mix
Detaching cords, smacking haughty lips
Here as I execute nuff boots rebuked
See higher verbal je-wels, maintain through the roots
Earthquake president, makes the world shiver
Mountains to rivers, crossroads be all whatever
Never to sever, my melanin preserves, solar winds
The arctic age, it's apace now
Unleash the livest, make way for Tehaan
Repay lethal bound, representing Dark Sun
As I charge up the silent, the tenth letter
The brother coming raw, pure zone is my weather
Mmmhmm, son of God will rule on the ill balance of doom
As I move from the cocoon I preach the room
So with nuff G-O-D's there's no stoppin this
Pure texture pon the real God it's obvious

        DJ's and MC's!  Can't touch... J, J, J (repeat 2X)

Verse Two:

Ohh yes ohh yes I come in wide come in broad
Spreading the Seeds of Evolution my lord
What they gon' do when the tales of Sabu
With the pooper scooper crew, the mortals, the fools
All fry within my skillet, easily comprehended
I get down with the creator, I'm scrolled from his descendants
Uncode that, flip that, give it on back
Cause if I keep this up, yo man my powers get jacked
And then picture me, soundin like MC's
who yellin baby please come come my niggaz ease
when Tehaan pon the job, make you wanna holler
all praisin Jah Jah, illi him yahoua ya hoova Allah
Just know who you are, it's pure understanding
when the brain's on the jaw
I electrify my cells, and I come universal
No confirmations or religions or rehearsals
I am that I am of the cosmos
Three tongue apocalypse in my funk dose
Or combine for the Ugamastic feel
My funky live wire for the ones who know the deal
Come on

DJ's and MC's!  Can't touch... J, J, J (repeat 4X)

Verse Three:

Now Dark Sun, you know your funk vibes are zappin
to the guild, your universal waves adaptin
VG's, the Ark God's rise on back
So attack for attack I think I'll ease on back
From the birth of the eon to the tick of the dead
Your balance gettin deeper than the bubonical plague
So I forward, strictly to enlist, skilled and righteous
Pure bredren that's down with the justice
Ain't no hocus pocus fake ass shit
I'm payin due, so skip impressin charts on my hits
Abnorm will form will cite the deal
Underground invasion tell me shit ain't stinkin real
Directly from the core, my hunger's much more
Than any mic controller feelin raw
I'll let them flex and let they brains go hex
Let them pass out in stress then the maggots is next
On back to the lab realize what it's about
I'm breakin all the slaves chiseltown ass out
And that's the real

DJ's and MC's!  Can't touch... J, J, J (repeat 8X)