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Artist: Da Notorious Prime Playaz f/ Mr. Ants & Amy delHierro
Album:  Playa Affiliated - 100% Certified
Song:   Lettin' Em Know
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Now we're here to let you know, what we're all about
Just a couple of pimps and playas, trying to get our paper route
Daily swisha smoking em without a doubt
Putting it down for the Faculty of Playaz, playas, playas

[Playa I.K.E.]
It's the one and only Notorious Prime Playa I to the K to the E
Pimped out in the Mile High City, paper chase for our committee
Putting it down with In' that's my main man, quick to flip a few grands
Stack a grip any way we can, lyrics and narcotics sold by the gram
So peep this master plan, these plays about
Making definite dividends, stack and watching Benjamins
Setting playa trends, sharp as breaking the ladies stance
Cause there ain't no hatas, within my Faculty of Playaz

[Amy delHierro] (*background*)
Cause we're here to let you know
Cause we're here to let you know-ooooh-oooh - 2x

[Chorus - 2x]

[Mr. Ants]
Here to let you know, tell me yes or no, who got the best of flows
It's easy to write a rhyme, using all them metaphors
It's Mr. Ants, that be mobbing up with the Faculty
And every time I battle something, I got my homies in back of me
I'm stacking g's, it's time for hundred c.d.s
Smoking on only kills, and don't be messing with no b.c.s
Mixing all the lights, with a little bit of Malimew
Talkin to this girl that's hella-cute, I don't tell lies but I tell a few
And mobbing up in the Malibu, continued by my never ending mission
Have a grip of stuff because, Denver be straight kicking
So this is how we do it to these beats, how we flow
It's Mr. Ants and the Faculty to let you know

(Amy delhierro)

[Playa Intenze]
We're just a couple of confident pimps, and potential playas
Speaking of nothing but possessing and producing paper
And just by the way them dollas motivate us, and these hatas hate us
It seems that only real lyrical illustratas, become multi-money multiplicatas
While them like we con buds, come in dollas later vacinate I thought the
Stimulatas, and take it to distance from the greedy hoes that say save us
The ones that beg please, spend your dough and date us
Take us home and penetrate us, but I'm all about my currensy first
Then these hoes later, aka Playa Intenze thinking and pattern negotiator
All the way to Naam, mighty Notorious Prime Playaz

[Chorus - 2x]

(Amy delHierro vocalizing)

Representing for the year 2G's, Faculty of Playaz
DenCity Records, Playa Intenze, Playa I.K.E., Mr. Ants
Qwest Cuts, playas connecting for the Mile High
And so now you know