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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   Sloppy Joe, Pt. 2
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[Verse 1]
Streets robbed me I wasn't educated properly
But fuck that I needed money for a Harley
Multi-colored streamers handlebars looking gnarly
Parked outside the bar, security didn't card me
One of the perks of having a big penis
My blood Sugar Lo, like stabbing the kid's fingers
And Danger Mouse was at the spot looking dapper
Flagged the bartender and ordered a red snapper
So it was me and Gnarls Barkley at the Mardi Gras
Posted up at this rinky dink bougie artsy bar
I overheard these two drunken fools losin' it
Couldn't make it out, my assumptions YouTube and shit
Or MySpace plays, some artist that they came across
Poppin' shit about him talking like he lame or soft
Like "blahzay blah", "where the fuck they find him?"
Turned around when I heard Def Jux shouldn't have signed him
Nigga what? Cracked a bottle in a fit of rage
Disengaged, stabbed the second goofy in his ribcage
The first clown I gave him a Mike Tyson
Straight up and knife-sliced him and gave him a nice bitin'
Then I grabbed their heads, banged 'em on the wall yo
Repeatedly, frequently, brains was on the floor
Man D. Swain does it all
Took my size 17's and put the pain to they jaw
One stomp for the blogs that overlook me
Two stomps for the promoters that never book me
Three stomps for you fickle-ass fucks
That say my shit is weak and think that Nickelback sucks
Blood was everywhere, I was feeling good
Even did my Eddie Haskell dance
Suga Lo was like "I ain't know you was a Dizzee Rascal fan"
Well god damn, ain't this a B
Thought them boys was dissin' me
Seven hours later called up Tiffany from the precinct
Loyal to a T but her feet stink
Bailed me out of jail even though her man was hatin' on me
Took me to the crib, shorty had a Manwich waitin' on me