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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   No One Can Hear You Cry
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Yo, everybody get a, whiff of the mic ripper
({*sniffs*} Ahh!) Don't he smell just like ripe liquor?
Mixed with a little twist of spite white Lister-ine
with the green cap bottle, try to sip a
swig, but the kid's quick, cyanide slipped ya
Try not to die when you're paralyzed, mister
There's black eyes from when I tried to fight my sister
She stole all my fries from my Five Guys, which-a
way did she go, George? Don't make me hitcha
Take a picture, stick the JPEGs' on my Flickr
Naked chicks are fixed to shaved legs with the scissors
Bacon bits and chicken, steak eggs in the picture
A Miller Lite, I'm feelin like a vik', so I switch ta
beast mode (GRR!) Flippin on the first nigga with her
Attitude enter, the room, in the wrong mood and then some
I got a bad temper come and get some

"Me going to eat you, eat you, eat you! (OH COOKIES!!)
 No one can beat you, beat you, beat you! (Oh you so sweet, ahhh!)"

Die slow, die slow, nigga...
Don't work, it'll be over soon, nigga

Once again, it's the cynical menace, dependable Danny!
Diarhea's inherited, guess it runs in the family
Tired of bein compared when I'm flyer than Allegiant Air
Preach to the choir, setting fire to teacher's hair
How dare you snub me? I made you, let you copy my style
Without nominal fees, now you charging +ME+ for a feature? (Fuck outta here!)
Lil' nigga, I'll eat ya like pizza fresh out the oven
You huggin my nuts (eww!), you better button ya tux, cousin
I'm comin for bucks, matter of fact, I'm killing niggas
Not in a figurative sense, but really I'm killing niggas (Damn~!)
You weak and you soft, sticking your {?} taking a tinkle
I'll sprinkle your face with acid, watch as I waste this bastard
Attack you with the pencil that you used to trace my style with
Now here's a towel kid, wipe your fucking brow
While I +kick you in the mouth+ like that candy called Spree
You crying like a bitch, get Danny! off me (Please don't hurt me!)
Three hours later news talking suicide - sike!
You even got eulogized twice
One time in the Tribune, the other one on Nah Right
Fuck ya life, hahaha!

"Me love how chocolate chips
 Melts sweetly on me lips
 That why me make them staple OF ME DIET!!! (BOOM, BOOM, BOOM)"

{*some lady boo-hoos in French for the rest of the song*}