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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   Get Down
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[Verse 1:]
D. Swain in the place to be, see
And I got what it takes to rock the mic right
And I got funnel cakes I copped from ShopRite
But I'm not gonna make you cop tonight, aiight
It's the return of rap's Mr. Burns
Coming back with a track for black kids to learn
And white kids to recite, dykes will get excited
Bi-chicks'll probably try to memorize it
I could glamorize this life, I'd rather not
I'm not just a melanin-blessed Asher Roth
I scoff at the haters, mock the nay sayers
But never hawk my wares up on Okayplayer
The kid's got the juice and the OJ flavor
O.J. for mayor cause I'm killing this rap shit
White Bronco flow, the glove and the mask fit
Somebody call the law before Danny go batshit on accident

[Chorus 2X]
Na na na, get on down (woo!)
Get on down (na na na, na na na na)

[Verse 2:]
Meth fiend, breath clean, fresher than Seth Green
Geoff Beene attire, fly as MacBeth's queen
Ugh, when D. Swain get on the mic
He bring the game to life
Making beautiful noise
Creating the soundtrack just for you and your boys, uh
D. Swizzy knows how to get busy
So don't be actin' stuck up and nitpicky
You don't wanna dance, shut the fuck up and sit pretty
If rap's dead then I'm the resurrector
Catch me, Studio B, the seventh sector
Out to get the cookies and ransack Nabisco
+Ramen+ gets me goin', +Panic! at the Disco+
I get applause without the metaphors
That these other cats use as a crutch, I'm very bored
Good Lord, I know it really hurts my dear
So I'ma end this verse right here
Now where's the chorus? (c'mon)