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Artist: Danny! f/ Pharrell
Album:  Payback *
Song:   Speed 
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*- Original Version

{*sound of keys jiggling, car door closing and engine starting*}

[Chorus: Pharrell]
You're makin a mistake
You're makin a mistake
What you're doing?

Danny boy I loved ya, you know you're like none other
I look, I look up to ya, cuz you're my older brother
But lately I've been worried for ya
Ever since you got that deal, it's like they all
been thirsty for ya, I can't imagine how you feel
I keep it real, I know it's happenin fast
I seen the work you put in, I know it's meant to last
But the way you're headed you can forget it
These beats, ain't gon' keep you out of trouble
Ain't gon' keep ypu out these streets
Man you know what they say, about that fast life
Err'body got a fuckin appetite
But as soon as a motherfucker grab a bite, they crash, right?
Look at Eminem, yo he crashed twice, spazzed out
I don't WANT you to go down that route
I'm signing off, sealed with a kiss
Sincerly yours -- Sis
[Chorus: Pharrell]
You're makin a mistake (Bounce)
You're makin a mistake (Bounce)
(R-Ride with me..) What you're doing?
Danny boy I love ya, you know you're like none other
I burped and fed and raised you, because I am your mother
What's this I'm hearin about, you out, you in the streets late, boy?
I raised you better than that, for Pete sake
I know you makin money, of course the family's proud
But that same money can attract the wrong crowd
It's all fun and games until somebody points a gun at your brain
Sometimes your enemies and your friends, are one in the same
and I tell ya, that line gets blurry quick
Think about ya grandmother, you know she's worried sick
And me? I don't wanna be one of the mothers that's called to the morgue
Because my son decided to live, and die by the sword
And I'm so tired it's like, my soul's tired
What happened to the Danny that used to sing in the choir?
You were that little black boy that everyone appointed as the next big thing
I think, you're disappointing, get your act together!
[Chorus: Pharrell]
You're makin a mistake (Bounce)
You're makin a mistake (Bounce)
(You're ridin? Hop in) What you're doing?
Three in the morning, on the Westside highway, and I got the top down
I'm crusin, and been usin that marijuana nonstop now
Got Belvedere in that system, and UGK in that system
and WAY too many complications in my life, to list 'em
This shit is gettin crazy, my life is a roller coaster
I'm closer to goin postal, can't control my composure
Last week, I was attack by the jack boys, a setup
Nobody gave me a heads-up, don't know WHO to trust
And everyone's concerned about me, my sister, my momma
But now my life is just consist of drama, what I'ma tell 'em?
They wrote me letters to better me, what I'ma mail 'em?
Runnin low on these dreams kid, what I'ma sell 'em?
Gotta get my head right, before I'm beat like egg whites
Oh shit, was that a red light? ...Shit! (Fuck!)
{*tires screeches, car crashes, and sounds of ambulance and sirens heard*}

[Chorus: Pharrell]
You're makin a mistake 
You're makin a mistake 
What you're doing?

{*sounds of cars passing by until song ends*}